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  1. Everything in Threes: An Introduction to Tohaa The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any other race in this galaxy. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, capable of building terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also of altering other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. The Tohaa need allies, and Humanity seems fitting for the first line of the fight against the Combined Army. 1. Thread RulesWelcome to the N3 Tohaa faction guide! This thread is a resource for new and experienced players to get familiar with the basic outlines of the Tohaa faction. This thread is aimed at compiling common approaches to Tohaa gameplay, things to consider and whatever else we feel is useful to include. This thread is procedurally generated as new models and ideas develop, and all of its contents is subject to discussion. To be clear: the content of this thread is completely open to disagreement, and is intended to be updated over time: its assertions are neither complete nor absolute. Enjoy. 2. Tohaa Playstyle The Tohaa are a faction predicated on a curious blend of influences, mixing high mobility, above-average durability, exotic weaponry and a synergistic approach to combat. Tohaa warriors work together very well and support each other on the battlefield. Each fighter has a purpose, working together to become greater than the sum of their parts. Each model has a role to play, there is a rarely a cheerleader nor a Rambo in sight, and Tohaa typically do not play fire-and-forget with their troops. Tohaa use a combined arms approach, bringing multiple weapons to bear against the enemy rather than relying on a few big damage-dealers, and relying on high order efficiency and volume of fire to bring the enemy down. Tohaa are proficient at all ranges, but do best at medium-range combat overall. 3. Specific to the Tohaa Tohaa have an appropriate three features that define their battlefield identity to a large degree. Tohaa units fit together like pieces of a moving puzzle and each model should be viewed in the context of the rest of that faction, it's very much a faction with a few consistent themes. 3.1 Fireteam: Tohaa 3.2 Symbiont Armor 3.3 Biotech Weaponry 4. Tohaa Strategies Knowing what your options are before even entering into combat makes a great deal of difference to the odds of victory and defeat. This entry discusses some of the strategic considerations Tohaa players go through before the start of a battle. 4.1 Force Composition 4.2 Trident Composition 4.3 Lieutenant Selection 4.4 Combat Styles 4.5 Iniative or Deployment 5. Tohaa Tactics Like every faction Tohaa have difficulties with some matchups and specific tricks they can levy against their enemies. This entry catalogues some of the more prominent tactical concerns Tohaa player might have. 5.1 Coping with Fire 5.2 Coping with Templates 5.3 Tohaa in CC 6. Tohaa Trickery 6.1. Cyberwarfare 6.1. Pherowarfare 7. Command After you've gotten some games behind your belt, you might consider playing with the Advanced Rules for Infinity that introduce Command Tokens into the game. Both players start the game with four of these Command Tokens which they can use to influence the game. Tohaa can benefit from Command Tokens, but not to an exceptional degree in comparison to some of the other factions. 7.1 Strategic & Tactical Use 7.2 Coordinated Orders 8. Tohaa Arsenal This chapter discusses all Tohaa models that are currently revealed, it is updated each time a new Tohaa model comes out. The discussions are kept broad and cursory, and assume that every model is useful to the faction in some way. Each discussion is capped off with an 'Ease of Use' indicator ranging from 1 to 5 which should give new players an idea of how easy it is to make beneficial use of a particular model. Models with a score of 1 are the hardest to use, models with a score of 5 are easiest to use. This is not meant to be an assessment of how good the model is, it is simply meant to help new players understand what they kind of performance they can expect from a model, given their own skill level. 4.1. Tactical Armored Gear [TAG] 4.2. Skirmishers [sK] 4.2.2. Igao Unit 4.3. Warband [WB] 4.4. Heavy Infantry [HI] 4.4.2. Ectros Regiment 4.5. Medium Infantry [MI] 4.5.1. Gao-Rael Unit 4.6. Light Infantry [LI] 4.6.2. Kotail Mobile Unit 4.6.3. Kaeltar Specialists 4.6.4. Rasail Boarding Team 4.6.5. Sakiel Regiment 4.6.6. Kamael Light Infantry 4.6.7. Hatail Aelis Keesan 4.6.8. Hatail Spec-Ops 4.6.9. Kumotail Bioengineers 4.6.10. Chaksa Servant 4.6.11. Chaksa Auxiliars 4.6.12. Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates 4.7. Mercenaries 10. Getting Started New Infinity players are often overwhelmed with information, and it can be difficult what steps to take first. Tohaa is unremarkable in that sense, but the subheadings below touch on some general ideas to getting started with playing Tohaa. 10.1 First Buy 10.2 Markers & Tokens 8. Player Resources 8.1. Rules & Errata Unfortunately the Infinity rules are dispersed over quite a few documents which can make it hard to find everything you need to fully play the game. This chapter brings together links to all rules you will need to play Tohaa. There are even more documents to work through, but these are essential to fully understanding Tohaa. It’s an annoying situation to be in, just make the best of it. 8.1.1. Official Rules & Tools 8.1.2. Unofficial Rules & Tools 8.1.3. Tohaa-specific non-Core Rules 8.2. Notable Community Threads 8.3. Battle Reports 8.4. Assorted Cool Stuff by Bookkeeper Yet Another Mission System (YAMS) v201.1 by IJW Wartrader 9. Getting Started
  2. I play CA, specifically Onyx Contact Force. A good friend of mine has taken a fancy for Yu Jing (primarily JSA but he dabbles in both ISS and Vanilla) but is running into some issues I was hoping you guys may be able to help him with. There is multiple issues and requests so I will list them for easier answering format. 1) He runs into issues with unpacking his army out of the deployment zone if he goes second. Typically this is in opposition of a support wared Q Drone and Plasma sniper Unidron. Tips and help would be stellar. 2) He is having trouble against the Sphinx. Specifically it TO markering up and surprise shooting flamethrowers all over the place. The mix of speed, survivability granted by TO Camo state, and power of heavy flame throwers is his biggest issue. Are there tips, tactics, and particular model selections that help hem up the TO Marker issue he is having. What are your experience with Sphinxes and how do you combat them? 3) Although JSA does seem to have good representation, what models do you guys consider important to have in your lists? What is some good Tech within JSA and what models do you bring to hem up weaknesses? 4) How do you guys typically utilize your Killer Hacker Ninja? Tactics to get the most out of him and best uses would be massively appreciated. Thanks a ton for your time and help! Its a pleasure to know that there are so many supportive players in this game that can assist the newer or less experienced players.
  3. Looking at starting up a blog, hope its ok to do a test post here. Please give me feedback. Creativity, Casevac, Kuang Shi, and you. Kuang Shi are the most interesting 5 points in the game and I recommend any State Empire Commanders to invest in a box. They can guard flanks with chain rifles, generate normal orders, can be cheap minesweepers, link for b2 smoke and a cheap order pool, can either explode or go dogged, and have the biolocator. In short, a Kuang Shi can activate it by spending a short skill. This drops it unconscious, and turns it into both a repeater and puts it in the targeted state for your own army. The obvious synergy is with smart missiles and other circular blasts, but that requires them to be near the thing you want to remove. That is, for simple minded commanders. YJ is not a faction that gets by with sheer brute force. Tohaa have more durability and mobility, PanO has better shooting, and other factions can usually beat us in a straight fight outside CC. YJ embraces playing dirty, not with some singular gimmick, but with some of the most flexible units in the game. If there is a trick, we can do it. Victory by any means, and any cost. In this way, the Kuang Shi are a perfect example. Targeted smoke. This is pretty simple, just put down a Kuang Shi near a Hsien, Rui Shi, Bao, or other MSV2 unit, and have it biolocate. Suddenly Shaolin are dropping nearby grenades on a 19, even spec firing them over a wall to give you your cover. Camo Removal. Normally Camo's strength is in 3 things. the need to discover it, the BS modifier, and the unknown factor. Normally you would have to do an intuitive attack or have msv3 to get around needing to gamble with wip, and Kuang Shi allow you to get around this. The first, and obvious way is to run a Kuang Shi up up to them and trigger it to explode. Your opponent can simply shoot them on approach and negate it that way and requires you to detonate all kuang shi in a combat group at once. The second is why I made this post. CaseVac is a common skill that lets you carry unconscious troopers. Biolocator puts Kuang Shi into a targeted state and drops them unconscious. Su Jian have the option to carry a heavy shotgun. This means that you can have a Su Jian casevacing a Kuang Shi as both a mobile repeater and give it a single use incredibly strong anti-camo template. Instead of discover + shoot you can just move in a way that the Kuang Shi is in front of you for part of the move. If they declare an aro that reveals, you can use a normal bs attack, if they idle to remain in camo, you simply drop the Kuang Shi. You can then simply shoot the Kuang Shi. The targeted Kuang Shi will most likely be within 8 inches of the Su Jian at some point, you end up with a B2 BS21/23 ftf roll vs camo, or because you can take shots at any point during the movement, if they reveal and want to save the Kuang Shi, you can shoot them directly and pick up the Kuang Shi later. All this does not require line of sight to the "target" under your template, so smoke does nothing to stop it. Of additional note, both the Biolocator and Su Jian are hackable. If the aro is to disable the biolocator, the Su Jian gets a normal roll for its BS attack. If the hack is against the Su Jian, you can either shoot the Kuang Shi for the bonus, or the hacker, and if you fail, use a killer hacker to finish them off. In this case, I committed my Mechakitty to take out what I suspected was an Intruder LT. I apologize for the low quality picture and wip level paint. Sad! Shoutouts to Dassan ( for proofreading, and toadchild for helping me understand rules.
  4. Tohaa: Strategy, Tactics, Tips & Tricks Format of this Thread Welcome to the Tohaa guide, which covers all the basic ins and outs of the EI's most determined opponent. This thread is dedicated to Tohaa strategy, tactics, commonly used combo's, model breakdowns, notable opponents and whatever else we'd like to include. The setup for this thread is that new additions are added procedurally, either by linking to specific comments or topics, or by editing the existing texts. I implore you all to add your thoughts, provide alternative observations and whatever else, so that we might build an up-to-date guide to the Tohaa arsenal. I'd be remiss here not to mention and link to Tam's Tohaa Tactica Thread, which is excellent (be sure to read Tamrielo's thoughts on Triad composition), but deals with a more specific range of topics. TO BE CLEAR: this thread is completely open to disagreement, additions and corrections as far as I'm concerned. I'll add, change and link as needed over the course of time, including in response to model releases. Index 1. Specific to the Tohaa 2. Strategies of the Tohaa 3. Tactics of the Tohaa 4. Tohaa Arsenal 5. Getting Started 6. Useful Links 7. Tohaa Battle Reports 1. Specific to the Tohaa The Tohaa are notable in that they're a new faction introduced into the existing Infinity universe, and they come with their own set of special rules which put their definitive marks on the Tohaa play styles. We'll be covering these first. Fireteam: Tohaa Symbiont Armor Nanotech, Swarm & Viral 2. Strategies of the Tohaa This second heading will outline a number of common strategic questions specific to the Tohaa, and provides suggestions on approaches, as well as solutions to some problems that commonly crop up. Strategies are overarching approaches to combat, as distinct from tactics, which are responses to very specific problems. ARO Zero-V Smoke Special Deployment Impetuous Range Bands Indirect Fire List Building Triad Composition Deployment 3. Tactics of the Tohaa This heading goes over a host of tactics the Tohaa can employ to bolster their advantage or deal with enemy tricks and maneuvers. The implementation of tactics will vary greatly from instance to instance, but it helps to know what options are out there to cope with potent threats. Dealing with Smoke Dealing with Fire Dealing with Template Weapons Dealing with Guided Weaponry Dealing with Camouflage & Airborne Deployment Dealing with Hacking Reforming Triads Securing the Field Using the Nullifier Using Flash Pulses 4. Tohaa Arsenal The Tohaa have access to a fairly limited model selection, so currently many lists will feature the same base models. This is unfortunate in that it means that cunning opponents can start anticipating your maneuvers as they get more knowledgeable about our army. Luckily, there is a lot these models can do. Gorgos Squad [TAG] Players are not having a lot of (reported) luck with the Gorgos, even with the Perifericial. Its especially large weakness to fire, but especially its--for a pricey TAG--unimpressive weaponry make it a selection that seems hard to justify when there is such amazing LI and HI among the Tohaa. The Gorgos is strong and tough as any TAG, and it has a Symbiont armor 'pilot' with all the benefits that brings, although it is the only TAG currently known to be affected by i-Kohl. If it becomes possessed, the Periferical is turned as well. Clipsos Infiltrator [sK] The Clipsos is amazing, at this time it is hampered by the lack of other TO options (to disguise the identity of mines), but nonetheless the Clipsos brings an amazing set of tools for a very, very low cost. The Clipsos has reasonable stats and abilities, each of its loadout options is useful and well-costed; any force that brings one or more along for the ride will most likely be happy they did. In objective-based games the Clipsos shines even brighter, bringing a very reliable way to fulfill objectives to the table for a low cost. Makaul [WB] Every other faction is jealous of the Makaul. The description '10100 : A special number whose symbolism refers to titanic strength and courage as well as the concept of salvation from a physical danger.' is right. With great stats and abilities, a low cost and great loadouts, the Makaul is as close as you get to an auto-include in this game. Only the Combi loadout might see limited use with most players. It is very possible to play without Makaul, and certainly players do play without Makaul, but the Zero-V smoke, Heavy Flamethrower, Viral CCW and Swarm Grenades on a Regular Linkable model is just very hard to pass up. Neema Satar [HI] There doesn't seem to be a clear place where Neema fits in the current Tohaa metagame; she's an Ectros with a bunch of extra tricks and a very high WIP. She's an excellent Lieutenant, but usually a very obvious one, and lacking a (non Spec-Op) Chain of Command model makes her a risky Lt, because her weaponry forces her to get relatively close to the action. Luckily, you don't have to reveal your Lt's WIP anymore, slightly mitigating this issue. Her Martial Arts Lv2 makes her more deadly up close, and grants the excellent V: Courage, but her LRL doesn't command the power most players expect from a model in her price bracket. Ectros Regiment [HI] The Ectros is a very powerful piece, bringing very high stats for his points, coupled with the Fireteam: Tohaa rule to boot. It is one of those rare HI that has 4-4 Mov and an effective 3 W. But, this is because it wears Symbiont Armor, meaning there is a slight catch. Current wisdom on the Ectros emphasizes its relatively large weakness to fire, which means there's a generally perceived benefit to keep the Ectros fighting at range, rather than getting close. In general, this means that the Ectros is fielded with the HMG loadout, and the other 3 options are mostly left unused. The HMG is a powerful weapon, well used on a resilient model, keeping it out of range of most fire weapons if and when they show up. A note on the Ectros is that it surprisingly does not have V: Courage, meaning it might not keep its vantage point when under attack. Gao-Tarsos [MI] The Gao-Tarsos does not feel like MI, it feels as though you're dropping HI into enemy lines. Using Combat Jump it can be deployed right in the middle of the enemy, where it's Symbiont Armor will usually allow it to survive at least long enough to rain hot lead down on the defender's heads. The Tarsos is also usually sent down with an HMG due to its cost and function, but can be used in multiple roles; although the Paramedic option will most likely be skipped over. Luckily for the enemy, the Tarsos cannot be part of Triads. While the Tarsos cán be used for grabbing objectives, it is a relatively unreliable piece, prone to scattering away from where you need to be; those are jobs the Clipsos is generally more suited for. Gao-Rael [MI] If you're looking for a specialist, odds are good you're going to look at taking a Gao-Rael. As the slowest of the Linkable Tohaa troops, with a 4-2 Mov, it will usually take the role of hunter; taking a good position, and harassing choice prey that dares show itself. The most obvious selling point of the Gao-Rael is its MSV2, which is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal, as it allows you to ignore Camouflage and most smoke types in the game, allowing the Rael to do its job--taking out enemies that are normally hard to hit--very well. Because the Rael is in Symbiont Armor to boot, it has an extra wound, which, coupled with +B1, makes it very likely to win its first engagement. The Gao-Rael is usually a Sniper, but all of its loadouts are viable, including the once-in-a-while Lt. version when there are no choice targets to glue. Even the Boarding Shotgun loadout is interesting, because it lets the Gao-Rael bring along Swarm Grenades. Swarm Grenades create low-visibility zones, through which the Rael can promptly peek. Sakiel Regiment [LI] The Tohaa have access to some amazing LI, and the Sakiel is arguably the greatest of them all. For a very low cost you get access to a model with great stats and abilities, Symbiont Armor, and a powerful--versatile--loadout selection. Almost any list can benefit from the Sakiel. Sakiel are the most common vehicle for Viral Combi Rifles, and their high speed, Symbiont Armor and V: Courage allow them to deliver their payload effectively. Aside from the Viral Combi loadout, the Spitfire option probably sees the most play. Tohaa players the world over are waiting for a Sakiel Viral blister or box. Nikoul Ambush Unit [LI] The Tohaa are getting a new release in the form of the Nikoul Ambush Unit. Their profile has been released, but it's unclear if they'll change for 3d Edition. This entry will be placeholder until we figure out more about how the Nikoul plays. Kamael Light Infantry [LI] It's unfortunate to be simply 'good' in the company of excellence. The Kamael Infantry are good, reliable and reasonably costed fighters, but they don't get as much appreciation because of how good Sakiel, Chaksa and Makaul (not LI but still) are. That said, they are capable line troopers with good loadouts. It's very viable to bring lists with a lot of linked Kamael, laying down a lot of Combi fire, supported with the gadgets they can bring along. Do nót underestimate them. Kumotail [LI] The Kumotail is quite a package; a Doctor ánd an Engineer rolled into one with an excellent WIP14!? Pretty useful. Its most obvious ability is to recover fighters in Symbiont Armor, but the Kumotail's capabilities are actually far greater. Doctors have a hard time in Infinity, but Engineers can restore E/M'd weaponry, remove glue and immobilization etc. The combination of both rules means that when you're going on missions, odds are good that the Kumotail will nail you some extra objectives. Something to remember though is that if the Kumotail is using Chaksa Servants; activating those will pop the Kumotail out of any Triad it's part of Chaksa Servant [LI] As the name implies, it's here to help. For a rock-bottom cost of 3 points you get to expand the reach of your Kumotail. They're also surprisingly survivable, rocking Mimetism and Hyper-Dynamics L1. In any list where the Kumotail can afford to hide, getting 2 Servants to do the work is probably going to be worth it. Chaksa Auxiliar [LI] There's been quite the upsurge in the Auxiliar's popularity; as a cheap Baggage (not to be underestimated) Order, Heavy Flamer or Sensor support, or as a Total Reaction HMG badass (the GHRL not as much) its starting to gain traction within the Tohaa meta. What the Chaksa does well is fill several roles (fitting, being Auxilia) that support the other troops. The Chaksa is great at controlling the battlefield with an HMG; it's hard to hit due to the overwhelming firepower of a Neurocinetics HMG, and has 360' vision. Covering flanks is what the Chaksa do extremely well, allowing your Triads to move up safely. Auxiliars don't cost a lot of Orders, they have good stats and a reasonable price. The big downside to them is that you can't put them in Links, but honestly, that's not what they're for. There's experimentation going on with 1-4 Chaksa, and in any quantity they seem to bring something to the table. Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate [LI] This is a strange model for Tohaa, especially because the Diplomat's point cost isn't a multiple of 3. It doesn't do much as a civilian, but as a Specialist it's a surprisingly cheap and useful option, if not for the Specialist skills, then for the Flash Pulse which can disable an enemy many times it's own points cost. If you're not filling gaps with Servants, consider a Delegate. Hatail Spec-Op [LI] Spec-Ops are in a class all by themselves, literally. Based on a Kamael, the Hatail can do quite a few things. Three of the most notable uses for the Hatail currently (when you can field one) are its ability to bring a full-fledged Hacking Device, it can be a reliable Specialist, and it can be outfitted with Chain of Command, which is amazing (especially if you're using Neema as Lt). There's a lot you can do with a Hatail, so mix and match away. Fun fact: if the Hatail carries a Hacking Device, it can attempt to possess a Combined Army TAG. Aelis Keesan [LI] We'll have to see what Aelis brings to tables as we get used to her, especially the impact of her option to bring K1 ammunition has caused a slight stir because of Tohaa's relative lack of AP and EXP weaponry. 5. Getting Started In the past months the Tohaa has seen quite the influx of (potential) new Tohaa players. Both new players and veteran players come to this subforum to ask questions about particular models and rules, but especially seek out advice on what models to buy and how to construct their first Tohaa Combat Groups. This heading is dedicated to those players, so there's a convenient place to find the most general of advice and we'll avoid having too many of the same threads coming up, fun as they may be. What to Buy Tohaa doesn't have an enormous selection of models at the time of writing, this makes choosing models easier than for many other factions. Most players seem to buy the Tohaa Starter Set; it's a good selection of models that gives a proper introduction to the faction, and most players will continue using at least half of the models in the Starter set. It is nót necessary to buy more than the Starter Set when first getting into the Tohaa (unless shipping costs are especially high). Tohaa take some getting used to, and starting small is far more conducive to getting a handle on how they play. But eventually most players start branching out and start wondering what they'll buy next. Almost all Tohaa players seem to buy a Makaul box set sooner or later, and most get them much sooner than later. The Makaul box is good value and provides models that end up in many Tohaa lists. After that things become far less clear, and choices vary from person to person. There is no universally agreed-upon 'wrong choice' for Tohaa, the general consensus tends towards emphasising models that fulfill roles you haven't filled yet and filling up your Combat Groups to 10 models. This is why the Gao-Rael is a popular third choice: it offers a tool against Camouflaged models that the Starter Set and Makaul box doesn't have. The only choices most people tend to make relatively late are Neema Satar and the Gorgos; these are models that aren't immediately intuitive in their use and do better once players know their way around the faction. Finally, new players should consider buying the Hatail Spec-Ops relatively early. Even outside of ITS the Hatail is affordable and an excellent proxy model that can fill gaps in your list while you try out new things. That First (Tohaa) List If the first list you make can form two Tridents/Triads and has (close to) 10 models in it you've made a usable list. For Tohaa it's that simple. No matter if you emphasize Kamael, Sakiel, Makaul or whatever else; each list has their own strengths and weaknesses, they're pretty equivalent. Build 80% of your list to preference, then consider your opponent and ask yourself "do I need Defensive Hacking, an Engineer, MSV2, Zero-V Smoke (etc)?" Then tweak the list so you're ready for expected threats. You're going to lose battles no matter what list you bring, just try things out, start small and figure it out from there. Have fun. 6. Useful Links This heading hosts a small index of some links to interesting threads or texts that are especially relevant for Tohaa players, and don't fit into the format of this thread. Feel free to post suggestions. 1. Tohaa Numerology 2. Number to Name Generator 3. In-depth discussion of the Gorgos 4. Infinity Basic Tutorial 5. Adv. Spheretactics 101 6. List Building in Infinity Notable Opponents 1. Caskuda 2. Speculo Killer 3. Avatar 4. Impersonators 7. Tohaa Battle Reports 1. Micky Ward - Tohaa vs Aleph 300Pts 2. Micky Ward - Tohaa vs Yu Jing 300Pts 3. Miniwargaming - Tohaa vs PanOceania 300Pts *Google Drive Hard Link for this Document*
  5. Hey gang, I've been playing Infinity for about 7 months now, and have been rocking vanilla Nomads. As I've been playing I've found two tricks that work great for the army and that's intruder+smoke(via jaguar or morlocke) and smart missile system hits (spotlight/FO something and then KABLAM it with a Vertigo). I love these tricks, but they're not always the best thing to do. For example you're opponent might have a good amount of MSV2 so smoke tricks don't work. Something else is that as much as I love the idea of missiles that don't require LOF it's seems difficult to pull off. So as I progress as a player I'm wanting to know what are the tricks my fellow Nomad players have picked up on? What's our playbook? To me when I see our faction I don't see big guns, or swarms, or alien technologies...I see a sick set of tools/tricks at our disposal. You could also explain better ways to do the two tricks above too if there's anything you'd like to add about them. I haven't gotten into a sectorial yet, but I have recently purchased what it takes to play Corregidor. If there's something particular to them that you think needs to be brought up please share your knowledge! Don't let this stop you from sharing any details about vanilla or Bakunin though. I want it all! LOL Thanks
  6. Uberfallkommando seem to be a unit with a lot of aggressive potential, but can be a bit tricky to use. What are your best tips and tricks for getting the most out of Bakunin's favourite furries? Some basic little tricks I've discovered: Making a wall of Pupniks to block LOF to the Chimera during the reactive turnFacing the Pupniks in several different directions - since the Chimera can see through their eyes this stops her getting shot in the back without an ARO.Moving the Pupniks to provoke an ARO with their first move, whilst keeping the Chimera in total cover. Then she can run out in the open safely for her second move to cross a short firelane she would otherwise have slow down to throw smoke/dodge for.Similarly, positioning the Pupniks to take ARO's from direct templates, which they dodge automaticallyProtecting Moira's from MSV2 with zero V smoke until the fast moving, climbing plus Uberfallkommando can take out the offender.And of course the most basic, throwing smoke to cover the model you want to CC so they don't get a shooting ARO as you charge into base to base.What other tips and tricks are there to getting the most out of our most unconventional warband?
  7. I threw down a gauntlet here: Keep Haqqislam Clean So now I must lift it back up. I wanted people to post interesting threads because I find list threads to be very boring. Lists are to personal to too may factors. Hell, I even had a 'what I believe are good units' breakdown in my Haqq Attack Model Review. Studentochaos put it much nicer than I ever would think to: So here I am, trying to create more content because I can't be shown up by two ambitious novice users who joined me on my quest for more than just list threads. Plus everybody and their uncle called me out so I am going to focus on a topic that I think only a Veteran can assemble and that is every dirty, low life trick that is available to us. This is a thread that I hope to also be very useful for other factions, but my focus is on Haqqislam because I am a Haqq player first and foremost. The legitimacy of the rules shenanigans is divided into 3 categories: Legit Tactic - This is 100% bonafide legit, no one can argue with you in the rules section. Slapping RAI in the Face - You're basically ignoring something because the game does not explicitly tell you so. Following RAW Blindly - You're basically ignoring common sense because the game explicitly tells you so. With the RAW and RAI... It really depends on your play group. Some of the shenanigans I don't mind, but others I would outright call bullshit. It really depends on your threshold. The tricks will be divided by unit. Who: Naffatun What: Discover Failsafe - Legit Tactic Where: Within 10" When: There's a Camouflage Marker, probably a Mine, within 10" and you've failed your Discover check. With a Direct Template Weapon (DTW) you can initiate a Long Order and attempt to pass your WIP. If you do, the Camouflage Marker is revealed and hit with your DTW. How: Model with a Direct Template Weapon, preferably Large if you're going to be hunting Camouflage Who: Muyibs What: Dogged D-Charge - Legit Tactic Where: You need something blown to hell so you send in your model but it takes a Wound. This would normally end your plan, but Muyibs with Dogged and keep going even if it is to just plant a D-Charge. When: A Muyib on its way out with an Engineer buddy. How: The usually would occur if the Muyib passes its Close Combat (CC) to plant the D-Charge, but fails their CC to detonate the D-Charge and is defeated in CC. A D-Charge can be blown by any friendly Engineer, so blow that puppy up. Who: Muyibs What: Why Die for D-Charges? - Slapping RAI in the Face Where: Muyib is tangling with foe and has placed a D-Charge. When: Engineer spends a Short Skill and laughs manically with Short Move Skill. How: You have an Engineer safely kill the enemy who is unable to React. Your Muyib is unharmed because D-Charges only hit their target, despite the Muyib is tangling with a guy how is sporting a Demolition Charge. Who: Muyibs What: Dogged Doctor - Legit Tactic Where: Your Muyib Doctor just took an ARO to the knee and is going to fall down. When: As soon as your Dogged Doctor takes a Wound, spend their Dogged Order in an attempt to heal themselves. How: Doctors can target themselves with their Doctor skill, Dogged allows you to keep spending Orders while in the Unconscious state until you run out or die. If you fail the Doctor roll, the model is dead but if you succeed the model is back to Conscious and the Dogged's Death Sentence is cancelled. Who: Muyibs What: Dogged After Care - Following RAW Blindly Where: Your Dogged model, after completing its murder spree, decides it is not a good day to die. When: Coordinate an Order between a Dogged Model and a Doctor to meet up so the Doctor can try to patch them up. How: Doctors can heal Dogged, as pointed out by the Dogged Doctor, and not every model needs to exactly perform a Coordinated Order. This means that if the Doctor is in Base to Base with a Dogged Patient through keeping the Dogged model alive with continuous Dogged Orders, now in conjunction with another model via Coordinated Orders then they can attempt the heal. Who: Tarik Mansuri What: Super Cautious Jumps - Legit Tactic Where: You want to get from point A to point B without triggering an ARO and a Khawarij's 4-4 MOV isn't going to cut it. Enter the Mansuri. When: There's a wall that needs to be vaulted and you really don't want to tangle with the models on overwatch. How: Super Jump is just another way to move and Cautious Move ensures you do not provoke AROs as long as you begin and end out of LoF of enemies. With a 6" Super Jump, Tarik can get to all sorts of different places and your opponent will not be able to say a word about it. Who: Djanbazan What: MSV2 Smoke Shootout - Legit Tactic Where: Model you want to eliminate without having to go through the motions of having a Face to Face roll. When: Djanbazans, for being called such cold badasses, sure get the wrong reputation. They love having friends, but only with Smoke. I guess I see how that reputation got around - you only get invited to a Djanbazan party if you bring the Smoke. How: A model with a Smoke Grenade or Launcher places Smoke which blocks LoF to model. The MSV2 of the Djanbazan can see through this, so when they shoot at a model they effectively get a Combat Camouflage attack. If the model survives, they may retaliate but they shoot at -6 back. Who: Ragik What: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That - Legit Tactic Where: Your Ragik is patiently waiting in the Drop Ship for the go signal when you enter Retreat status due to too many losses. When: That Ragik should probably come onto the board, Air Drop that sucker! How: When you're in Retreat, you are not allowed to use Air Drop. If you're Religious, you ignore the effects of Retreat. With a Religious troop, you can Air Drop despite being in Retreat. Who: Lasiq What: Can't Touch This - Followng RAW Blindly Where: Your Lasiq is on ground level and some Martial Artist is coming your way. You rather Shoot them but can't due to some circumstance. Whatcha gonna do? When: If you suspect a CC rush, just ensure you're touching a surface as Lasiqs should be and say you're 1mm off of the ground. How: Models need to be on a flat surface to perform their skills unless they having Climbing+ or Super-Jump. If the Lasiq is 5mm off of the ground (the height of a base), then that Martial Artist technically cannot engage in melee despite being very much in base to base. Perhaps he can even slide his base under your base but he's unable to engage in CC because there is no point where the bases touch. Who: Asawira What: The Rock Don't Stop - Legit Tactic Where: Any time, really. When: Your Asawira won an engagement but he's a little hurt. Heal up unlike any other unit in the game. How: Regeneration states that if you fail your Regeneration roll while Unconscious, you die. If you're at 1 Wound out of two, such as the Power Armored Asawira, then no such bad stuff happens. You can move and Regenerate as much as you want back to full health with failure having no consequences. If the Asawira is Unconscious and fails, he still dies. Debunked: I thought it worked but I was wrong. Shame, we've used the "I'm Invisible" at times in our Metabut I guess this makes Jibber Jabber slightly less broken. I'm fine with this, it was a rape-train-with-no-brakes when Achilles or Musashi got in on the action. Who:Al-Djabel What: I'm Invisible - Legit Tactic Where: This is unlikely with Al-Djabel, but much more likely with 6-4 MOV Martial Artists. Its a neat parlor trick to keep in mind. When: A guy is guarding a corner, he knows you're coming but you don't want to deal with him for whatever reason. You want the man past him, so all you've got to do is go Invisible and not draw a single ARO. How: Cautious Moves do not draw AROs if you either begin or end outside of LoF. Martial Arts 4 denies any Change Facing ARO. If you Cautious Move into the back arc of a model, they do not get a Reaction. Would You Like to Know More? Discover - Infinity Wiki Intuitive Attack - Infinity Wiki D-Charges - Infinity Wiki Valor - Infinity Wiki Doctor - Infinity Wiki MSV - Infinity Wiki Smoke - Infinity Wiki Retreat - Infinity Wiki Religious - Infinity Wiki CC - Infinity Wiki Climbing - Infinity Wiki Jump - Infinity Wiki Regeneration - Infinity Wiki Martial Arts - Infinity Wiki Cautious Move - Infinity Wiki Revisions 1.0 - First Draft. Have at 'er! 1.1 - Al-Djabel trick got debunked by Dude. 1.2 - Corrected Lasiq's Can't Touch This from 1mm to 5mm, as bases are 5mm tall.