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Found 7 results

  1. Although I really like the Infinity rules there are certain (very few) aspects I hate - and this is one of them! So it's my reactive turn and I have a Pheasant Rank in cover with a boarding shotgun over a link team if Joan and her buddy knights. Off to the flank a wounded impetuous Equestria knight runs at her, exchanging boarding shotgun blasts, and killing her Bao trooper buddy! In an epic exchange of buck shot the knight makes 2 saves, the Pheasant makes one and then the Knight runs into CC shooting as he goes, while the Pheasant ARO's with a CC attack and wins! The knight goes down! But as he is just unconscious and now the Pheasant is Engaged! Now the link team of Joan and friends can move freely ... (what happened next....well that's another story ) The annoying rule is that even if you win the CC battle you are stuck in an Engaged State and can no longer draw LoF outside of CC. You also can't ARO if anything moves in your ZoC (as dodge needs LoF)....and all because there is a bleeding unconscious guy at your feet??? Really??? When this got FAQ'd recently many people hoped it would say that when you win a CC you may choose to disengage (move 1 mm apart). I hope the Infinity rules people sort this out... Was a great game though vs Chris "Pootle Flump" P! Epic!
  2. Am I right in thinking the template attack is Nullified?
  3. I can't seem to find any explanation in the rules as to what happens to Deployable Weapons when they lose their last point of STR. Unconscious only applies to Troopers. Damaged/Destroyed only applies to Equipment and Scenery. There doesn't seem to be a relevant state change that would affect their continued function, and I can't find any reference to their removal from play (aside from them triggering/reacting).
  4. Yesterday we had a situation were I was in reactive turn. I had a briscard with a HRL in LOF to an unconscious figure. A doc came in LOF and basecontact with a move skill to the unconscious figure. I announced my aro on the doc to fire. I hit with the template of the rocket launcher and the doc suceeded on his WIP roll. Now the question is, when does the unconscious figure gets it wound back? And if the healed figure only takes 1 wound from getting shot is it unconscious or dead? Tl;dr When I shoot at a figure being healed when does the figure get its wound back?
  5. I just played Paradiso 401 against one of the local club (filling in for a missing player, actually), and managed to shut his specialist down as he walked over to the elevator. The question we had was, does the specialist count as boarding the elevator (thus turning it off) and does the specialist count for the WIP rolls at the end of the game? Basically, the specialist model will complete its movement, ending in the elevator. At that point, though, it's in the Unconscious state. Does an Unconscious/Dead model trigger the elevator? And if it does, what happens for the intraweb part of the scenario?
  6. Quick question that came up in a game today: McMurrough knocked Scarface unconcscious during his turn. Next player turn, would shooting at McMurrough count as shooting into cc with the chance of hitting a friendly model? We played it as it does, since McM could still cc attack Scarface with an order and they were in base to base contact. Additionally, if McM shot his chainrifles or threw a smoke grenade as an aro response to other models, would he still count as being in cc against enemy shooting, since those are not actions you can normally declare while in cc? But of course an unconscious model shouldn't stop you from acting normally... Is this scenario a "best of both worlds" human shield situation? That's how we played it, but I kind of think the logic behind whether he is technically in cc is at odds between the two paragraphs.
  7. Here is a question that has being raised a couple times at my local club. There are two differing opinions on what happens can you enlighten us as to the official rule/version. Example: My Hassassin Lasiq has being successfully hit/shot, failed her ARM roll and is now in the unconscious state. No other hits/shots have connected and she is now unconscious and assumed to be prone or the height of her base. My turn ends. Nothing happens to her during my opponent’s active turn. Upon my 2nd active turn my doctor/remote rushes to her aid and is successful in its WIP roll to revive/heal/doctor my Hassassin Lasiq. Now she is active with 1 wound again; she does not add an order to my order pool as she was unconscious at the start of the turn and she remains prone as stated in the rules until I spend an order to get up. However this is where the question is. Can I now use any other regular orders (non-lieutenant) that remain available to its combat group on a model or any other model that has being revived/healed/doctored or that has regenerated a wound in your active turn? My usual opponent says no it’s just prone and you cannot expend orders on it until your next turn. I maintain it is healed and you can expend orders on it as soon as its healed as long as you have orders to spend. However neither of us can find the rule or paragraph that clearly states one way or another. As always your help is very much appreciated. Many thanks, Daniel