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  1. Data Sphere is looking for bloggers/editors! Do you want to contribute to the Internet's one and only dedicated Infinity blog? Contact Scorch at the forums, or send an email to [email protected] Hey everyone! We've got some BIG news for you! Data Sphere is now the Unofficial Online Infinity Magazine. Go check it out! Data Sphere has just become an online platform for the WarCors to promote events, talk about the different podcasts, talk about things in the community and to promote the game itself. There is a place for different game-systems like ITS, YAMS, Dire Foes, Spec Ops, and a place for every different army to talk about tactics, to promote terrain makers for good and nice Infinity tables. We'll also put the new releases up for this month. This way you can promote the game without sifting through all the content of the forum. Arachas and I have been working behind the curtains for the past few weeks to deliver you all this new website and we're hoping you guys like it! We are still looking for bloggers, so if you want to help us with content and you can write a decent article, feel free to contact us! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter and G+ Go check it out! and we'll see you around, Scorch
  2. Hello. In light of the revealed issues in N3, I made a personal FAQ for our tournament on 30.1-1.2. This was made so that every player could get familiar with the ambiguous rulings before the tournament. I made this initially for personal use for our own tournaments, but maybe other people will find it helpful for their use as well, so I decided to translate it back to english and share it. Here we go: EDIT: LIST UPDATED! - Speculative fire is allowed inside infinitely tall buildings (like the objective room) - In the Armory scenario, any result from the logistics table inside the armory scores a point. - Unless otherwise notified, ladders are assumed to be 25mm wide. Troops on wider bases will be unable to use them. - The silhouette of a Prone troop only shrinks vertically, not horizontally. - While Prone, you're base needs to be higher than the top of the enemy silhouette to claim cover from elevated position - Breaker and Marksmanship L1+ adds Shock effect to a failed BTS roll, no separate ARM roll for Shock. - Defensive Hacking Devices are allowed to use Gadget L2 programs just as the hacking chart shows, regardless of the rule entry. - A successful Engage always ends in BtB contact with the target, regardless of the movement speed, method or location of the target. - If a troop has both Religious and Courage, he's allowed to choose to fail or succeed the Guts check without any dice roll - A Religious troop that failed a BTS save against Flash ammunition is forced to remain in place. - Sabotage classified objective target is noted down during your own deployment phase, before reserves. - Shoot + Move: Splitting burst happens when the skill is declared. Origin point for the attack is the spot where the declaration was made. - Baggage can cancel the Unloaded state of a friendly troop with a short skill, replenishing all of his disposables to the same value as pre-deployment. - Booty L2 allows the user to roll once on Booty 1 or once on Booty L2. - G:Synch and G:Servant troops move with their owner if the owner is activated with a Coordinated Order, but they will have the same limitations to Burst and Target as the owner. If their owner is the Spearhead, their Burst is halved. - Fairy Dust BTS bonus against Breaker hacking ammo is not halved. Standard arithmetic order of operations applies. - Only Move, Climb, Jump, Dodge, Change Facing and Warning allow the trooper to change his facing. Dodge and Change Facing require a successful roll to do it. - If a troop loots a Motorcycle equipment from a Logistics scenery piece, replace the silhouette value of the troop with the silhouette value of S4 if the troop had a lower silhoutte value. If the troop had a higher silhoutte value, keep the original silhoutte value. - A combat group that already has 10 orders cannot have more orders added to it, for example via Hidden Deployment, Combat Jump, healing Unconscius troops etc. If their original combat group is full, the player has to move the new troop to their own, individual combat group. - The only modifiers for Speculative fire is the -6 from SF and range of the weapon. Targeted state is applied as well. No cover, visibility, camo or ODD modifiers. - Super Jump as first movement skill uses the first movement value. Super Jumping again uses the second MOV value.. - Secure HVT classified: Check the requirements at the end of Game Turn. In addition, the ZoC of the enemy HVT has to clear of visible enemy troops. Troops in Hidden Deployment or Marker state do not count. - Infiltration skill levels do not stack. - Kinematika L2 bonus does not stack with Kinematika L1 bonus. You're welcome to suggest your own or even change these to fit your own local meta.