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Found 2 results

  1. Movement says: A trooper can vault over any obstacle not higher than his Silhouette Template (as determined by his Silhouette Attribute) at no cost, without declaring Jump or Climb. And Motorcycle says: Troopers mounted on a Motorcycle cannot go Prone. Troopers mounted on a Motorcycle cannot Climb. Troopers mounted on a Motorcycle cannot Jump vertically or diagonally upward, they can only Jump horizontally (as in Jump Example 3) and vertically or diagonally downward. Does this mean motorbike can wheelee onto things up to its hight? Or space-hydraulics to hop over it like Knight Rider? Also, does climbing through windows (glassless) generally considered as Vault action?
  2. A size 2 troop is able to vault over items that aren't taller than their profile. Does this mean that it can stop on top of the item if he has enough room, or must he use the climb skill to get on top and stay on top of the terrain ? More specifically I am trying to stand on a 1 inch cube box. I have enough room to Stand on top, do I need to climb the one inch or so I can I just use the vault rule and stand on top?