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  1. Greetings comrades and welcome to the Kazaks. Due to the current state of the forums, I've decided to create a series of Google Docs and links rather than an extensive, forum-based, tactica. Everything is still in the works, however, so please bare with me as I make this transition and hopefully make an even better tactica for Kazaks than what we previously had. As you might note, I added the word "Hub" in the title as well. Not only will this be the home of the Kazak tactica (via a Google Doc), but I'll also link all sorts of other relevant and useful things here as well in, thanks to the suggestion from @Palomides. I will slowly start adding things as they come along, so keep posted! Without further ado, the new and improved Kazak thread: Tactica Other tidbits: Why I like Veteran Kazak Paramedics - Pride of Rodina blog Kazaks' Troop List - Excel sheet on my Google drive Scout Tactics - provided by @Lazarus0909 Battle Reports: Limited Insertion: Kazaks vs. ALEPH - provided by @Lazarus0909 Limited Insertion: Kazaks vs. Military Orders - provided by @Lazarus0909 ---------More to come---------
  2. I want to share with you tovarish and freedom fighters and vodka lovers myself inspired as a special fanmade merc character emblem for a campaign for the its forum and future its games. The mad kazaks are a bunch of badguys you see squatting relaxed in the corner near Artyom from metro 2033 and Strelok from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. videogame series, inspired of both stories I decided to paint my scheme for my army like those, balkans united as a whole faction with one purpose, protect vodka and Tesseum regards comrades.