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  1. Data Sphere is looking for bloggers/editors! Do you want to contribute to the Internet's one and only dedicated Infinity blog? Contact Scorch at the forums, or send an email to [email protected] Hey everyone! We've got some BIG news for you! Data Sphere is now the Unofficial Online Infinity Magazine. Go check it out! Data Sphere has just become an online platform for the WarCors to promote events, talk about the different podcasts, talk about things in the community and to promote the game itself. There is a place for different game-systems like ITS, YAMS, Dire Foes, Spec Ops, and a place for every different army to talk about tactics, to promote terrain makers for good and nice Infinity tables. We'll also put the new releases up for this month. This way you can promote the game without sifting through all the content of the forum. Arachas and I have been working behind the curtains for the past few weeks to deliver you all this new website and we're hoping you guys like it! We are still looking for bloggers, so if you want to help us with content and you can write a decent article, feel free to contact us! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter and G+ Go check it out! and we'll see you around, Scorch
  2. Hey guys, I bought a bevy of packs today (2x Classic, 6 x One Shot for a series I'm doing and 1 x Digital so I could register my event). I'm still waiting for the Digital codes to come through. Previous online codes have come through within a half hour. Anyone else bought a bunch at once and had a delay on the digital ones? Or had to contact Customer support to sort it out? Any info appreciated. I'd like to get my event up on the mainpage. Ash
  3. Great terrain pieces and very handy for battle! With the cards removes the monotony from our tables! Thanks Customeeple . take a peek on more pictures at
  4. This came up in my first game in Humble Rumble 3, and I'm curious how others treat WarCors in ITS tournaments? A WarCor that my opponent (Claudius) brought to the table blinded 3 of my models, if I recall correctly, but I was hesitant to shoot Go-Go. I'm curious how others handle shooting WarCors. Is there some special rules about these? I know CA players and Tohaa players might have no restrictions or reservations about killing them, but I'm PanO, so shooting a reporter (especially me being a veteran who dealt with embedded reporters in combat) feels dirty and underhanded, even if she is blinding the crap out of my men. So, what do you do?