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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you to the second edition of the Warsaw Open. Last year we had a blast running the tournament for 40 players and we hope to surpass that this year! 1. The location of the event is the high school located at Anieli Krzywoń 3 street in the Bemowo district, Warsaw. The tournament is going to last 2 days between 17-18.10.015. 2. The format ITS: SPEC OPS TOURNAMENT, Mid-Tier, a.k.a 300 points 6 SWC, + SpecOps 12EXP + Hobby. 3. The fee is 30 PLN which is around 8 Euros. This does not include any food at the venue, but that shouldn't run you more than 25 PLN = c.a 7 Euros for a big pizza or 12 PLN for a kebab. The entry fee can be paid via Paypal or, only for foreign players, on site. I'd like to know beforehand that you're coming, though 4. The timetable is the following Saturday 12:00 Start of mission 1 Annihilation 14:00 End of mission 1 14:20 Start of mission 2 Cold sleep 16:20 End of mission 2 16:40 Start of mission 3Emergency transmission 18:40 End of mission 3 19:00 Moderated Trivia/Min-maxer's Discussion Sunday 09:00 Start of mission 4 Supplies 11:00 End of mission 4 11:20 Start of mission 5 [b]Seize the Antennae 13:20 End of mission 5 13:40 Start of mission 6 [b]Lifeblood 15:20 End of mission 6 16:20 End of the tournament, award ceremony We are also planning to award fair play. There will be a "Best Painted Army" contest, where fully painted armies that also played in the tournament. The army should have been painted by the player himself, if he wishes to enter it into the competition. 5. A list of lodging around the tournament venue: I am sure that we could accommodate players coming from far away to play in our tournament, I have at least 1 spot in my apartment. That way, you'd be sure that you wouldn't oversleep or miss the tournament If you prefer hotels: Pokoje Gościnne Amarylis B&B (600m od miejsca turnieju) DobraNocka Hostel Comfort 6. Sponsors Micro Art Studio Wargamer Feldherr Corvus Belli - miniatures and modelling supploes store Thor Miniatures - Gaming Miniatures & Accessories Zen Terrain Systema Gaming Customeeple From far, far away - Warsenal KR Multicase Kromlech Marine Chaosu Figurkowe Gry Bitewne Warszawska Lig Zippiego Infinity Shae Konnit Games 7. Extra information. Warsaw is a beautiful city, with a lot of things to see. It is the capital of Poland, with many museums, restaurants, and other tourist venues. If you are coming to visit I suggest spending at least 3 days outside of the tournament. Cracow is not far away, only 2,5h by train and you could spend another 3-5 days there without being bored. Polish players have no problem with English. I'm a guide myself so would probably be able to show you around the town, too. If you require any further information, I am eager to provide it. 8. Participants: 0. Alkasyn1. Uzumaki_N2. Wrona3. Pierzasty4. FreezyOne5. Postapo6. Krzysiek z Zenterrain7. Darek CTR8. Łysiusz9. Sonic10. Sathuli11. Bajdur12. Azalod13. Leigabar14. Blaze15. Mysza16. Konuhageruke17. Arbiter Elegancji18. Vertor19. Idio20. Sambor21. Mroczysław22. Equos23. Kascer24. Venator25. Felipe V26. Luis I27. Carlos III28. Fernando VI29. Kedzior_Vo30. Metalslave31. Piotrek P32. Costi33. Qbel34. Grasiu35. Alri z Czech
  2. Last Saturday in Warsaw we had small turnament called "Zombie Tactics" - some mix of Infinity and Zombicide models fighting for live (on human side) and more brains (on the other one ). Name is of course kind of tribute for "Fallout Tactics". It was like good, zombie movie - mobs of zombies charging, and wild shooting soldiers trying to not be eaten. I think we will try to translate scenarios and zombies rules a little later. I still waiting for more pics from the other players, but couldn't wait. Now, some flashes from the very center of the fight. JSA unit before and after small visit of Zombie mob. Fast Ninja action in 3 shots. Three action later there was no PO units in the room. And PO link advancing to shot out "Patient Zero:" and his minions. First two zombies fall down a moment earlier but will stand back to life before next turn. All unconscious zombies were resurrecting at the end of any turn. Remnants of this Zombie Gang were advancing on Fusiliers but they withdraw in perfect order and shoot down all living dead. Some linked Ghulams, just moment before they were eaten by zombies. I hope more will come soon. I will post them as soon as possible.
  3. Hi, we have managed to complete the first chapter. It started out as a lone group of four players only to end with five such 'quartets' eventually. There are 20 players to start the second chapter, again divided into five 'quartets'. There are some questions to be raised before we proceed though: Does the assignment of roles in this mission - winner of 103 is the defender and the player who also played it but lost is the attacker - also involve the omission of the Initiative roll? So far I've read some reports that would suggest the roll is made normally. There is nothing about it in the book itself (the need or the lack thereof) regarding the Initiative roll. Can you use not the entire burst o a weapon? Downgrade an HMG to shoot only B1 or B2? It becomes material when shooting the Baggage drone possessing the Alen Black Box and trying to avoid killing it. What happens when the aforementioned drone is trying to leave the table, either via the attacker's deployment or a dropship, and on the last order at the end of which it would leave the table or board a dropship, and it becomes dead or unconscious to an ARO? Does it follow the general rule of ending its movement at the designated spot despite any damage, or does it stay on the table? For now these are the questions that have caused the most heated debate.... Thanks for any/all help. UPDATE: I thought it might be interesting for others playing the Campaign to see the scores so far in our five quartets. I'll upload some photos and maybe at some point a report of the very first game in our campaign. It is difficult to manage the Campaign as a whole, gathering even the briefest reports etc. I'll try to put up a report or two...unfortunately all the photos were taken using an iphone... After the completion of the first chapter we mixed the quartets so that people with the most points from each position would face each other. So the winner would be placed in a quartet with the top scorer from among those who came second etc. I tried to avoid placing too many of the same armies in a quartet and also players who faced each other in the previous chapter couldn't play each other again in the second chapter. I quartet 20 pts - TIMI Mission 201 + 203 15 pts - Costi Mission 201 + 204 10 pts - Bajdur Mission 202 + 204 9 pts - Venator Mission 202 + 203 II quartet 23 pts - MARU Mission 201 + 21 pts - Wintermute Mission 201 + 8 pts - Wacu od orków Mission 202 + 203 4 pts - Xsasis Mission 202 + 204 III quartet 22 pts - Andrzej Mission 201 + 204 13 pts - JaWe Mission 201 + 203 11 pts - Grandmikus Mission 202 + 3 pts - Rivion Mission 202 + IV quartet 26 pts - Dorian Mission 201 + 203 + 205 12 pts - Alkasyn Mission 201 + 204 9 pts - LukaszWnuk Mission 202 + 203 3 pts - Grzesiek Mission 202 + 204 V quartet 20 pts - Sathuli Mission 201 + 203 8 pts - Andronicus Mission 201 + 204 3 pts - Kenshinio Mission 202 + 2 pts - Dzejendes Mission 202 + The photos below were taken during Mission 201 - Andrzej 2 : 4 JaWe. Andrzej was the defender in the mission but he won the Initiative roll too. It might have gone differently if it wasn't for JaWe's Chain Daturazi who managed to first kill a Tomcat, and survive two CR ARM rolls, and later scrapped the TR Baggage drone carrying the Alien Black Box. Having achieved as much he died with a sense of fulfillment, knowing his sacrifice should allow the rest of CA's forces to take the fight to the enemy...and they did just so...especially the Speculo Killer and the mighty AVATAR. The table was set up in such a manner as to give the player, whose task it was to take over the Alien Black Box, a chance fo getting some ARO's in case he lost the Initiative roll. JaWe put his Avatar on top of an old GW Bastion but Andrzej found a way around without having to engage the TAG, there two obstacles on his way to first turn victory - an HMG Vector who died to a critical in first order, and a Daturazi who had to be passed by on the way and couldn't be shot at from outside the range of his Chain Rifle. JaWe - Combined Army | 15 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Avatar Lieutenant (152|2) Speculo Killer (39|1) Vector Operator HMG (35|1.5) Ikadron (9|0) Ikadron (9|0) Ikadron (9|0) Ikadron (9|0) R-Drone Repeater (8|0) R-Drone Repeater (8|0) Preta Chain (5|0) Combat Group #2 Daturazi Chain (14|0) Imetron (4|0) Imetron (4|0) Preta Chain (5|0) Preta Chain (5|0) ________________________________________________________ 315/300 points | 4.5/6 swc VERSUS Andrzej - Nomads | 11 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Gecko Mk12 (55|1.5) Intruder HMG (44|1.5) Spektr Sniper (43|1.5) Intruder Lieutenant (36|0) Riot Grrl Combi (31|0) Salyut Rifle (21|0) Salyut Rifle (21|0) Tomcat Combi (19|1) Daktari Doctor (14|0) Vortex Combi (10|0) Zondbot (3|0) Combat Group #2 Warcor (3|0) ________________________________________________________ 300/300 points | 5.5/6 swc