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Found 11 results

  1. Haqqislam have five missile launcher profiles to chose from. With their good range and damage, it feels like they could be useful weapons, but they're, of course, severely hampered by their Burst 1. I don't think I've ever fielded one. Now, in other armies, this would be different; there's for example the Hac Tao with missile launcher and TO Cammo, making for a devastating ARO piece. But Haqqislam doesn't have anything like that. The obvious use I see for missile launchers in Haqqislam are in link teams, due to the +1 Burst, and out of the five missile launcher profiles we have, three can be in links. A missile launcher would basically be the optimal ARO weapon for a link team, and I find the Janissary profile particularly appealing there due to its resilience. But outside link teams, is there any use at all for missile launchers in Haqqislam? After all, we can get dirt cheap Daylamis with panzerfausts for similar ARO duties.
  2. We use the "courtesy list" prints with reference pages at the table quite a bit, but we keep having to look elsewhere for the Sustained Fire profile. Would adding it to the weapons page of a list when weapons are capable of it be practical? Am I just missing a setting?
  3. Hi guys! As you can see I'm new to this forum, and you could correctly say I signed up mainly to ask this question. I'm working to an hypotetical production of wearable resin model kits of helmets from infinity, together with weapons and maybe a few chunks of armor too, midway between cosplay costumes, collectibles and display models. Think of something very similar to the miniature kits you're accustomed to, just lifesized. The idea of wielding a Combi rifle is pretty cool isn't it? I'd like to ask for your tastes about the subjects with this poll, choosing between this first selection of subjects. Feel free to add options and comments in your posts too. Which replica would you like to see realized first? Mind that the name of a character stands for the parts of its armor, the helmet mainly. This is an experiment in wearable replica mass production. The actual production will depend on many factors, however the most important is your interest in it! Mind that this is not a project by Corvus Belli but a project by an external studio to be made under license agreement. Feel free to add comments and suggestions about the project itself too. Thank you for your time, hope you'll find this to be an exciting idea!
  4. I have a lot of Aleph now, and I can say the best looking gun is Maruts' MULTI HMG. What I'm wondering is why the rest of Aleph doesn't have guns with similar aesthetics, rather than the more usual (yet still different) "classic gun" aesthetics. What do you think about it?
  5. Hello people. I have this weapons pack from a tournament I won and I wanted some help to identify the weapons there and in which faction they belong to. 1 and 4 most probably are MULTI Sniper Rifles but from which faction each? 2 I think is a Panoceania Spitfire like the Hexas is holding? 3 Seems like an ordinary Rifle I don't know about the faction 5 Is that a HMG?
  6. Ok first off disclaimer - I'm not planning to print infinity models for several reasons - i) it's illegal, ii) it would look like crap and iii) I like CB However, I'm wondering about weapons - arguably they are even finer than miniatures but at the same time thing like HMGs and such. Even mine markers and just generally cool things that would be nice to have. Would this be legal - IE I print a Tohaa HMG to convert my Kamiel into a Rambo Spec Ops. ? If so what would be the best way of getting/making such weapony files?
  7. Greetings my friends, I've been looking for a list of all the weapons and equipment banned by the Concilium Convention for a mission. I remember seeing it somewhere but my searches are turning up nothing, and I'd rather check first before going through all three books and compiling it myself. Thanks. EDIT: Looked it up and made my own. Banned Weapons Mines (AP and Mono) Blitzen Shotgun Chain Colt Chain Rifle Nanopulser Banned Ammunition Double Action Electromagnetic E/M2 Explosive Shock Swarm T2 Viral
  8. This is something that's always bothered me from Infinity. While the game is so clear on the differences between factions and the individual differences between troops it has a single unified weapons list. While the weapon lists is not necessarily bad, in my opinion, they could have put as much imagination into the differences in each factions weapons approach as they do for their troops. While It would be understandable to have a unified weapons list for the Human Sphere (after all they have for the most part the same tech base and the same basic ideological approach to weapons) it does not make sense for the two alien factions that we have right now (or the more that may eventually come) I for one would like to see how Haqqislam weapons differs from Panoceania or more clearly PanO and Yu Jing. But more importantly id love to know how the CA and the Tohaa think of weapons approach beyond the mostly conventional unified weapons list that we have right now
  9. This comment is based on several thoughts I've been having for the past several days, regarding Tohaa and their weapons. To sum up a few of my ideas and views, the Tohaa are not Humans, so while the weapons that they use may be analogous, or behave in similar manner to Human weapons, they are not made by Humans and as such are fundamentally different. Furthermore, Tohaa technology is completely different to Human technology and even CA technology. Simply put the technology of Humans and most of the CA races are based on "hard" concepts, while the Tohaa technology is based on "soft" concepts. This being a very simplistic view of what is a deep and fundamentally different approach and mindset about how weapons and technologies are discovered, developed, applied, implemented and enhanced upon. In Campaign Paradiso we get two parts that directly address this motif. That being that all Tohaa technology is biotechnology. That is, they have specialized so much in the life sciences, that they can create equivalents or superiors to CA and Human technology out of living organisms, that have been specifically designed for such a purpose. Nothing sums up this difference better than Ca or Human technology being "built", while Tohaa technology is quite literally "grown" Now that that little entry into the differences of technology has been addressed, I will delve into the main topic of this post: Weapons. Since I've established that all Tohaa technology is grown, it only follows, that all their weapons and material used in their final assembly are grown as well. The casing are grown, every part is quite literally grown, and so this got me to ponder: What type of ammunition do the Tohaa use? Conventional ammunition as used by Humans is based on several different metals that have different characteristics on impact and have different terminal effects. The Tohaa would never use something even remotely similar, for the single purpose, that everything is grown. The Tohaa would have little to almost no need for mines or for metals, except maybe to feed them to the organisms that grow their technology so that it would somehow become incorporated into the final product. That being said, another very important aspect of Tohaa biotech is the existence of nanobiobots. Literally biological nano-machines. This led me to think that with this technology in tow, they would be able to create a biological equivalent of conventional ammunition. My idea at the moment is that the Tohaa grow a hyper-dense chitin, that has characteristics similar to conventional ballistics, but the material is fundamentally different. Chitin is my idea, and it is based on other similar races in fiction, that use the hardened exoskeletons of insects as basis for some of their technological analogues, no different from my approach for the Tohaa. This idea however led me to think on to something related: What type of weapons specifically do the Tohaa use? A thought that I automatically dismissed was gunpowder or any current advanced version of such that Humans would have, like for example the current PanO, Yu Jing and Nomad Caseless ammunition with electronic triggers. Simply put the Tohaa would never even think along those lines, for many of those problems would have a completely different approach. So, exactly what types of weapons are Tohaa using? I have several ideas currently that may explain Tohaa weapons, also taking into consideration that Tohaa are vastly more advanced than Humans, and have been at war with a highly advanced civilization for quite a long time. Option 1) Bio-propellant: A significantly enhanced version of the defense mechanisms some insects, like the bombardier beetle, only significantly more potent, thanks to the advanced knowledge of the Tohaa. In this manner it would behave in a manner similar to liquid propellant being researched today. The fundamental difference being that the Tohaa would have found a way to create this through genetic engineering, as opposed to chemical engineering. Option 2) Coilguns: Being aliens of highly advanced technology the power requirements of these weapons would not be beyond them. They have achieved these systems through different methods than the ones we would think of, but the result would be similar to what we currently envision. Given that the Tohaa have had more advanced technology than the Humans for centuries, and have been fighting the CA for at least a century, it would not be surprising that their weapons fall into this category. These are just some of my ideas and Hypothesis on the Tohaa weapons. Feel free to comment
  10. Here's a question about Infinity that drives me crazy. I am a fanatic of science-fiction, fantasy and many different types of games, and one of the things that I like the most about them are the weapons. This is no different for Infinity of course, but there are a few aspects of the way the weapons are managed in this setting that drive me crazy, it's not the aesthetics that I complain about, no I love the way the weapons look and that each faction has its own style even if they use the same weapons format without any type of individual distinction and I have a few questions I'd love some help on. First Question: What type of weapons are used by the Tohaa and the Combined Army? I don't mean in terms of the game, no that is very clear, I mean in terms of how its supposed to operate. Are they laser weapons? plasma pulse? other exotic? This question comes from two points: 1) These civilizations are alien, and while practicality means that they would have analogues to our own weapons, they don't make them exact equivalent to humans in every sense. 2) I would love to know how they differ with Human weapons and just for my knowledge in general. Second question: Can someone tell me some details of human weapons, how are they different from modern weapons? Ammunition caliber? Simply put I'd love to know more about human weapons, specially because while the weapons of humanity would have similar operational parameters, doesn't mean that they are the same between factions. Any help would be appreciated
  11. So, with the SpecOps in stores in a few weeks, the idea may soon become irrelevant... or even more important if it turns out that they have extra weapon options not included in the box. I want to make a list of convenient sources of weapons to be chopped off and attached to other units, or simply serve as patterns for sculpting conversions. Without further ado, let me start with my faction, the CA: COMBINED ARMY VANILLA EI Chain Rifle: Pretas (biological, the old one is a leech sculpted on the model, the new one is separate and looks like a headcrab) Combi Rifle: M-Drone arm Guided Missile Launcher: T-Drone arm HMG: Charontid, Q-Drone arm Plasma Rifle: Skiavoro, Charontid, Anathematic (all techno-organic) EXRAH The Exrah do not have distinguishable weapon models, their technology looks very organic and different from any other race's. MORAT Autocannon: Kurgat Boring Shotgun: Yaogat Chain Rifle: Daturazi (looks like a blowtorch) Combi Rifle: Morat Vanguard, Rasyat, Zerat (these two hold them in one hand for ease of converting; left-handed). Daturazi?(separate), Yaogat Combi Rifle + E/Mitter: not modeled? Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower: not modeled? Combi Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher: not modeled? Feuerbach: does not exist HMG: Morat Vanguard, Suryat, Sogarat, Treitak (separate) Missile Launcher: does not exist Mk12: Kurgat Multi Rifle: Suryat Multi Sniper Rifle: Yaogat, Zerat (both held, need extensive conversion), Treitak (separate) Panzerfaust: Yaogat Pistol: Suryat (aiming), Treitak (one aiming, one in holster) Spitfire: Yaogat, Rasyat, Treitak (sepaate but no ammo hopper) SHASVASTII ADHL: doesn't exist (Aswangs have it but it's not modeled) Boring Shotgun: Cadmus (big, right hand), Aswang (small, right hand), Gwailo (small, left hand), Corax (separate) Combi Rifle / Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun: practically everywhere. Seed Soldiers, Cadmus, Malignos, whatever. For a CR held in both hands I'm partial to the Shrouded arms. Combi Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher: Seed with LGL. Held in both hands so either file off the holding hand or use with both arms. Guided Multi Sniper Rifle: doesn't exist (use normal sniper rifle, add some fancy scope?) Missile Launcher: Noctifer Multi Rifle: Gwailo, Corax (extensive conversion needed) Multi Sniper Rifle: Malignos (held) or Shrouded (aiming), Corax (separate) Spitfire: Noctifer, Gwailo, Sphinx (TAG-sized), Corax (separate)