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Found 4 results

  1. So, we know there's 5 new units coming for Invincible Army and we know that one of those is called Shooting Star. We also know that the overall design of the sectorial is set and play-tested and that it's mostly ready for release. Let's speculate and wishlist What'd you want to see for our beloved Invincibles? Grunts. Let's start off with a pure wishlist item, my often harped-about Grunt-like unit. I see a few reasons why this unit can be a reality, not least of which that Yu Jing is the faction with fewest MI and even two new MI won't actually push us past anyone but the poorly fleshed-out Tohaa (who are barely larger than a sectorial), so the faction focus won't actually change. Yu Jing could also do with some somewhat specialised units that are not HI. A Yu Jing Grunt would probably not have Shock Immunity and would likely end up slightly more expensive than a Zhanshi with the major difference being trading speed for ARM. From a gameplay perspective I'd like to see these with WIP 13 and Engineer and Doctor profiles as part of the basic list capable of forming a Fireteam: Core. Unlike most Yu Jing troops, I don't think Forward Observer is a great choice for this unit even if it is a staple of both Yu Jing and USAR Grunts, and unlike Grunts I don't think Infiltration in any shape or form is appropriate. Shooting Star. Okay, this one is obvious. The vaunted Korean Drop Troops. AD: Combat Jump and while because I think at least PH 13 is appropriate it would probably be the major difference between them and Zuyong. I don't think they'd have the old style ARM 4 powered armour since if memory serves those armours are supposedly heavier. The interesting thing here is what they do with armament - Tigers we have been told some time ago are in IA and Tigers have a brawler armament with Mimetism, flamethrowers and due to also having BS 13, simply having a slightly more expensive HI with the same basic idea would be odd. They could take this further and use Wu Ming as the general template with primarily the more awkward loadouts in mind; Chain Rifle + SMG or an AD Heavy Rocket, anyone? Holoprojector 2 HI. Yes. Sepulchre Knights, I know. Holoprojector 2 has sailed up as a signature Yu Jing ability almost more than Sensor and I'd like the IA to get in on the action. While Sepulchre is a quality HI unit with a wide array of proficiencies, not least a very high BS, a Yu Jing version would again be with the mindset of "armour the masses" utilizing an adapted Zuyong armour and selecting soldiers from the more promising among the Zuyong ranks. I'll make no secret that I'd like to see some form of ambush weapon for this troop in the form of Heavy Rocket Launcher or Missile Launcher, but it would also make for an interesting design choice to eschew Suppression Fire weapons for this troop type completely. Shang-Ji are one of those units that are so expensive that making anything larger than a Haris is nearly impossible to do anything decent with in normal or small games, but Zuyong are inexpensive enough that having a unit lead be Shang-Ji in a Zuyong link could work. I'm hoping that Shang-Ji get a Haris on one of the basic Combi profiles or on the Multi Rifle profile and that up to 2 Shang-Ji can join a Zuyong link. What's missing? IA have plenty of firesupport in the form of Yan Huo and less expensive such in form of Zuyong as well as the potential Grunts/Zhanshi since these are likely to have access to both Missile Launchers and Multi Snipers. The army also have plenty of brawlers, but unlike the rest of Yu Jing no melee combatants. Additionally, IA will be missing skirmishers and warbands and while it's not unheard of that sectorials miss these, I don't look forward to playing a sectorial where the rather poorly functioning AD skill replaces infiltrators. With that said, I hope we see a first Heavy Infantry with smoke grenades of some description, sort of like Yu Jing high command saw Dog Soldiers in action and said "Take this regiment and make them do that". It would also be interesting to see the quasi-armoured approach of Grunts be applied to a Skrimishing unit where, again if the basic IA soldier is a passive armour Zhanshi "Grunt" we'd have a passive armour Guilang replacement with more armour but no token state. Gun-kata. I'll just leave this last item here. Not really on the "IA needs this" or "IA might get this" more than "would be cool". How about this proposition; a more premium HI with access to either Mimetism and Stealth (since ODD is not a Yu Jing thing) or some form of marker state, that focuses on pistols. 2x Heavy Pistol, 2x AP Heavy Pistol, 2x Breaker Heavy Pistol those kinds of things as weapon options and a fairly high CC ability. Probably needs slight further defensive skills in form of the Full-Auto that grants -3 to enemy (is that L2?), Hyper-Dynamics or similar Sixth Sense would also make perfect sense. You know, stick a Priest in powered armour and send him to hunt enemy officers. Hell, this isn't even a "Yu Jing" item, it'd make a very good fit for Vedic as well I think.
  2. So with the statement that the winner of the world ranking can choose a new addition to a faction of their choosing. Also new, we will introduce on the ITS a special prize this season: The winner of the World Ranking will be able to choose a new addition to a faction of her choosing. The hypothetical question is now asked: If you won world number one and was given this power. What wishlist of wishlists would you create (within reason of course) for your faction? Remember you can only choose 1 addition. And from what i've read of the statement. It is only new additions, NOT reworking existing units. Of course for this discussion name however many you want, just number your preferences. If you want to go so far as to build stats for it. Go for it. Yu Jing. Blue Wolf (Actually do it!) regular, hackable MOV CC BS PH WIP ARM BTS STR S AVA 6-4 18 14 15 13 6 6 3 6 1 Limited camo, MSV 1, ECM AP Spitfire, D.E.P, nanopulsar, AP CCW Nomads. Giant combat REM to put all others to shame. (So want it to be some form of giant spider REM) regular, non impetuous, hackable MOV CC BS PH WIP ARM BTS STR S AVA 6-4 8 13 10 13 4 9 1 8? 1 Repeater, climbing plus, mimetism G: remote presence, NWI Red fury, ADHL, E- mauler, mad traps, 2 heavy pistols Pan'O. Varuna breaching team. cube, regular, non impetuous, light infantry MOV CC BS PH WIP ARM BTS W S AVA 4-4 17 12 13 13 2 6 1 2 1 (3 in Varuna sectorial) Aquatic terrain, forward deployment Lv 1, Martial arts Lv 1 SMG, chain rifle, eclipse grenades, pistol, shock CCW Boarding shotgun, eclipse grenades, pistol, shock CCW Boarding shotgun, drop bears, pistol, shock CCW Combi+ light shotgun, eclipse grenades, pistol, shock CCW What would you wish for?
  3. Surprised we haven't had one of these go up yet (I've done a search and haven't found one or the threads are a year old). There's some threads were we've gone into wishlisting/speculation mode but not one dedicated to it. So let's begin! Invincible Army: The armored core of Yu Jing. With what we know this sectorial will be HI heavy. In my mind this mean HI will have a central role but not everything in IA will be HI. All sectorials have support units and I don't see IA bucking that trend. This Yu Jing sectorial is the one I'm the most excited for. Known Units: Zuyong, Yan Huo, Shang Ji, Tiger Soldiers High Possibility: Zhanshi, Daofei, Hac Tao, Sun Tze For the support element of IA I could see AVA 4 Zhanshi available. However, we could also see a new line troop option for IA. Something akin to Grunts or Thors who still pack some armor and fill out that line trooper role. For additional HI I could see a support HI come to light. Something that provides Doctor and Engineer support but can hang on the frontline with the rest of the IA forces. Also helps out YJ as a whole expanding their doctor/engineers out from just LI units. White Banner: The thorn in PanO's side on Svalarheima. From what I can gather the White Banner force is prominently a raider like force which penetrates into PanO territory and causes problems for the Hyperpower. Some of their units suggest this. So it's going to be interesting to see how the White Banner pans out in the end. Known Units: Zhanshi, Monks, Guilang, Daofei High Possibility: Hac Tao, Tiger Soldiers (before their dossier showing them in IA they were said to be in WB) For wishlisting units in WB I wouldn't mind seeing a Korean inspired unit in WB. Shows off the other Asian cultures of YJ and could provide us with an interesting new unit. Also might be a good time to introduce the Marksmen Rifle to YJ through a Korean unit. Also an interesting development I've been noticing is that IA and WB might be sharing some units. The State Empire (I'll just call them that for now) units like the Hac Tao and Tiger Soldiers could be seen in both. The Daofei operates on Svala but is mentioned being the recon unit for the IA. Those are some my thoughts. What are your wishes or speculations for these future sectorials for Yu Jing?
  4. I love the Sophotect. She's a wonderful specialists, good model and awesome fluff/idea. But sometimes, in non-serious games, I wish she had something other than a Combi rifle, just for the same of fun. I'd love for Sophotect to get one or two more profiles withslightly different, offbeat loadouts. They can even cost a bit too much, but give her an option to play with. Example: take away her Combi rifle. Give her a Heavy pistol instead, but! Have it fire E/M ammo. With her BS of 11, I don't see it being a game breaker, but I think it would make for a fun alternative to have around. And on occasion give her a chance to use those DCharges on something big and nasty What do you think? Do you have ideas for offbeat loadouts (for any unit really)? Things that don't really.make the units stronger, just a vlbit different?