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Found 11 results

  1. OK, so we're seeing new rules for units to be 'officially' released in Paradiso N3 now. From what I remember of the original Human Sphere release, this means we're 6-12 months from new book, and probably on the low end (though I'm still expecting Paradiso N3 to be released at GenCon 2018, which lets me be pleasantly surprised when we get it sooner). We know that it's going to have the Paradiso campaign and the Infinity Campaign System in it, which means Spec Ops. The original Paradiso book only had like 2 pages of new rules, so I'm not expecting much there. I'd like to see faction-specific (or maybe even sectorial-specific) skill and weapon lists for Spec-Ops, as well as expanded choices for what units can be spec-ops. Because while I'd love to get a Zuyong spec-ops, I'd hate to face a Zuyong Spec-Op with NWI. I'd also like better guidelines for making your own campaign. So what ELSE would you like to see in Paradiso N3? [edit: I'm adding what we know will be in Paradiso N3 to this post as it becomes available.] What we know Paradiso N3 will contain: The Paradiso Campaign (both missions and story), which is going to take up about 50 pages. A whole list of new Sectorials, and the units that the contain: PanO's Varuna Sectorial Yu Jing's Invincible Army Ariadna's Kazaks Haqqislam's Ramah Task Force (which is the 'Caliphate', IIRC) Nomads Tunguska Jurisdictional Command Something for Combined Army, probably Shasvasti Mercenaries - Maybe 'Mercenary Companies' but details are scarce Aleph's Operations SubSection, the Vedic (Indian) troops Tohaa - Triumvirate, basically Tohaa Illuminati with a mix of Tohaa and Mercenary troops Rules: Infinity Campaign System and Spec Ops rules. New General Game Rules known: Ghost:RP TAG pilots (and modified Pilot stats from TagLine) Skills: Full Auto Fatality Tech-Bee's Remote Assistant Equipment: None known, not much rumored.
  2. After reading through the Outrage manga and trying to make the crew of the Dolly Dagger, I realized that we don't have a generic mercenary Dog-Warrior. The unit from the Ariadna army list is fine, just make it an AVA1 mercenary. I'd like another couple mercenary units, kinda like the Kaplan and Druze. But one I want to be like Blackwater/Xe, heavy kit. ARM3 or better, possibly HI. Really high-end ass-kickers. The second mercenary unit is actually something from today, and they're technically not mercenaries, they're not actively fighting. They're battlefield cleanup specialists, EOD, and mine removal specialists that make a former battlefield safe for civilians to live in again. Someone in a full-on EOD bomb suit. 4-2 MOV, ARM4 or 5, BTS6, Total Immunity and Bio Immunity. Engineer skill, D-Charges, Minesweeper, G:Syncbot with deactivator (and maybe sensor, to reveal the mines). A third mercenary unit I'd like would be an Executive Protection detail, kinda like the Odalisques. Or just give the Odalisques a Mercenary AVA! This unit should have an Engineer in it, because you need a way to make exits. (Read Michael Z Williamson's Ripple Creek series for a crazy description of a VVIP protection detail, they have a wide range of skills in the group, from combat engineering to marksmanship to sneaky crap) Some general profile changes I'd like to see: "police" units like Moderators, Loup-Garou, Celestial Guards, etc, get Stun Pistols. "Riot police" units like Loup-Garous and Wu Ming get riot grenades (like smoke, but lingers for more than one turn and does a BTS attack to knock anyone unconscious regardless of wounds. Kinda like the old Swarm Grenades) Boarding Shotguns get an Anti-Material round instead of the AP round. Something to breach doors! And that's a change to the BSG weapon profile, not the troop profile, so everyone would have it. Save the AP round for the Heavy Shotgun. Grenades that cause Fire! Anyone else with ideas to add?
  3. From the Infinity RPG newsletter it seems that Modiphius added some new kind of REMs to the manuals, based on requests from CB. So let's wishlist and design some new nomad REM, shall we? C.A.T. (Complex Autonomous Task) REM MOV 4-2, CC 10, BS 0, PH 12, WIP 0, ARM 1, BTS 3, STR 1,S 1 Skills: Climbing Plus, Mimetism Extremely impetous, Irregular CCW 2points? Lore: Nomads live in large, obsolete ships, keep togheter with glue, rubberbands and salvaged junk. They created the CATs to ensure that the whole ship receive ordinary maintenance. Those small autonomous crab-like REMs cling to the hull of the ship in search of leaks, cracks and failing welding, repairing them on the spot. At least until the next day. Their small size make them capable of going through small air duct and between walls where no human could move, let alone work. When they encounter a damage too extensive for them to repair, they send a signal to the Maintenance headquarter, that would dispatch a Maintenance team equipped for the situation. Tireless worker, they were soon converted by kids and to-be-engineers for the most diverse tasks, from gaming to arena-like-shows. More than once they were used also to sedate riots on board or as an improvised surveillance net. Nowdays you'll find a CAT anywhere there is a Nomad expedition, scuttling around repairing autodoors or sealing Habitat cracks.
  4. With ISS and QK getting their Spec Ops characters we can be sure that we'll be seeing more of those in the future. Acontecimento, Bakunin, Onyx, USAriadna (and later Vedics and MRRF) will be up for one. So I'm thinking what could we want to see added to Regular fireteam, without making any of the standard loadouts obsolete. First thing we could use is mobile long range firebase. Sapper sniper is awesome for a defensive team, Spitfire for mobile assault, but if only we could get that HMG in there... MOV 4-4, CC 13, BS 13, PH 11, WIP 13, ARM 0, BTS 0 V:Courage, Marksmanship L1, Biometric Sensor L1, Veteran L1 (and ofc Jungle Terrain and Fireteam:Core) - HMG, Breaker Pistol, Knife Second possibility is getting a character that would boost Regulars CQB damage output (with a little twist) MOV 4-4, CC 15, BS 13, PH 11, WIP 13, ARM 0, BTS 0 V:Dogged, MA L1, X-Visor, Jungle Terrain - Vulcan Shotgun, Panzerfaust, Pistol, CCW (Fireteam Haris & Core) - Vulcan Shotgun, Panzerfaust, Pistol, CCW (Mechanized Deployment) And finally another specialist (if we're ever getting that second Engineer) MOV 4-4, CC13, BS 12, PH 11, WIP 13, ARM 1, BTS 3 V:Courage, Engineer, Jungle Terrain, Fireteam:Core - Combi Rifle+LFT, E/M Grenades, D-Charges, Pistol, Knife
  5. Varuna has been announced as the next sectorial for Pano. This thread is for rumors and general wishlisting/discussion and what you guys hope the sectorial will play like. Soo what we know so far will be in the sectorial.... ORCs Kamaus Croc Men Fusiliers (most likely) Cutter There was mention of a Healot unit earlier on this year or last year (I can't remember), so maybe a warband unit for Pano?
  6. A lot of speculation has surrounded Varuna's sectorial due to it's rumored status as offering some interesting new play style options for PanO. However, with the release of Nisses seeming to be a CB priority it has been speculated that Svalarheima will be the next sectorial to show up in late 2017-early 2018. To me personally this feels like a bit of a let down since I was more excited about Varuna when it sounded like both would be released at the same time. To get myself a bit more excited for our prospective next sectorial I figured why not start a wish listing thread since I hadn't seen one for a while (looked around and didn't really see any recent ones). To my knowledge we don't have any rumors of future units for Svalarheima. Obviously, if someone knows more on this please say so. From what we know or suspect we'll see Nisses, Jotums, Fusiliers, Knights Hospitaller, and maybe Orc Troopers in Svalarheima . Basing the composition of the force off of previous PanO sectorials it should have about 26 total units. Of those 11 should be standard REMs, warcors, and support units. Which gives us 15 units that should be assigned to Svalarheima. Removing those speculated above, it is cut down to 10, give or take a couple of units depending on sectorial size. My broad speculation of what we'll see runs as follows: 3 additional LI Merc, or Aleph lender Flavored basic (a la OS, Regulars, Auxlia) Expensive glass cannon? 2 additional MI AD trooper Basic alternative to Nisses 1 additional HI Unique hard hitter(a la Aquila), or unique skill and unique loadout on a light frame(a la Montesa) 1 additional SK regular camo? 1 additional S6 TAG ODD? unique weapon set(MK12, Red Fury)? Extra mobility feature? 2 Characters LI, maybe a dire foe, recycled or new MI, Character Nisse would be neat Lastly I think I'm most unexcited about what the theme of the army will be. This largely stems from the Nisse being a hallmark PanO unit that is used to justify PanO's very conventional nature, think: "smoke? you have Nisses." Which to my brain, sounds like it will be a sectorial centered on just shooting the other guy without any tricks or unique tactics. Being PanO I expect straight shooting to be plan A to an extent, but would hope we'll either see a sectorial that brings both firepower and some new tactics beyond fire teams. Maybe an emphasis on E/M since they're supposed to fight the HI loving Yu Jing a fairly frequently. I'd like to be as excited for Svalarheima as I am for Varuna, but I'm not quite seeing it right now. That said, a link team Nisses should shred most things and sounds like a lot of fun. TL;DR What do you think Svalarheima will bring in terms of flavor and playstyle? What units do you think Svalarheima will need to be filled out?
  7. We have seen the new xeodrone and yaogat minis due for release sometime soon and they look very nice. What combined army releases can you not wait for? For me it is the new nexus and perhaps a rodok ML.
  8. Well we all know what we are getting in the upcoming Human Sphere book. Some people seem happy with our shiny new toys whilst others seem to be underwhelmed. I know there were a few things I would have liked to have seen in the new book. Perhaps if we start wish listing early enough a magical games development fairy will grant us a wish or two. To kick things off Here are a few things I would love to see. 1. Decent profile for seed soldiers. (Less seed and more soldier please) 2. The Caskuda (I miss the big bug. Squishing your enemies as you land on them is hilarious) 3. Bike, monster, hoverboard mounted Morats (I think a fast moving hard hitting unit would add a bit of sting to this somewhat lacklustre sectorial) 4. Cheap G. mnemonica profile. ( can't believe how hard it is to spell mnemonica ) 5. Umbra heavy infantry (How cool would that be?) 6. Umbra Tag (Not as cool as this) 7. New types of drone remotes ( Drop troopers, heavy infantry, close combat drones, there are a ton of things could be done with these guys. These are just a few things I wish would make it into the game. What would you ask for if a magic /Genie/Fairy/Bunyip were to grant you a wish? (Please make your answers game related we all know that every man granted a magic wish would ask for a larger set of cock and balls.)
  9. I'm a little bored so I thought I'd post about the changes and updates to Morats I'd like to see in HSN3. Please note, I don't expect any large changes. This is pure wishlisting. Feel free to post your own ideal changes and updates! Kurgat: I think the Kurgat is a pretty great unit, especially after the price reduction from N3 and the changes to make Engineer more useful. However, I'd love to see the Kurgat gain an ability similar to the Hafza, allowing them to join any MAF link. This would solve several problems with a single easy solution, including MAF's shortage of reliable specialists. It would also make the Autocannon profile a much more viable choice. I love the idea of a Kurgat with a Daturazi escort working his way up field, or a Kurgat tagging along with a Sogarat unit. Kornak: No changes. I feel like Kornak is just fine as is. Raktorak: I would like to see the Raktorak gain some skills that would give it utility and make it a more attractive choice for it's points both in and outside of a link (as well as in vanilla CA. because seriously, why would you ever take one now?). I'd also like the Raktorak's role to reflect his background as a tough sergeant that holds his unit together through a combination of determination, skill and sheer grit. Baggage is a fluffy skill with a surprising amount of value for the Raktorak. It would allow the Raktorak to cancel the Unloaded State on limited ammo weapons (like the Yaogats Panzerfaust) and improve their ability to Casevac. It would also be situationaly useful for certain missions like Supremacy. In addition I would like to see one Raktorak profile Gain the Specialist skill (or possibly Paramedic) and the other gain Advanced Command. This second profile would only be available to MAF. Beyond that, it would be nice if the Raktorak could join Yaogat and Sogarat links as well. Rasyat: I feel like the Rasyat is pretty close to being the perfect Morat unit. It's heavily armed and packed with skills yet fairly priced for what you get. Even still, I'd like a few changes. I would very much like to see the Rasyat replace his E-mitter with E/M Grenades. I'd also like to see both NBW profiles replace their AP CCW with... pretty much anything else. I'm not sure what target the Rasyat is supposed to be taking out with NBW and an AP CCW. How many heavily armored close combat specialists are there? It seems like the vast majority of units a NBW Rasyat would want to target would have ARM of 0-2, and even against more heavily armored foes like Joan or Father Knights a DA or E/M CCW would be more effective. AP CCW is only a better option against TAGs, and NBW is wasted on TAGs. Rodak: What a lovely unit. No changes required! Yaogats: Oh boy. Yaogats are looking pretty shabby in N3. They seem really mediocre compared to almost every other MSV2 unit, and even several MSV1 units. I used to feel like their ARM 3 was their big advantage, but ARM 3 has become so common on so many cheaper or more versatile units that it hardly seems to set them apart anymore. I'd like to see Yaogats improve in several ways. Increased survivability would be nice, but I doubt we'll see an ARM increase or the addition of a skill like Dogged, so instead I'd settle for BTS 3. It's not much, but it would help a little bit. The bigger problem is that Yaogats aren't particularly good at shooting, which is too bad because they're MAFs primary long range unit. I'd like to see the Yaogats get 13 BS, but Morats seem to have strictly regimented BS and ARM based on whether they are LI, MI or HI, and BS 13 seems to be off the table for MI. So Instead I'd like to see Yaogats get Marksman Lv 2 or Marksman Lv X. Level 2 would allow them to negate enemy cover bonuses, effectively increasing their shooting ability in many situations without increasing their BS or giving them a protective skill like Mimetism. Marksman X would give them a similar boost in certain situations and allow them to out shoot opponents at the cost of burst. I'm not sure if X is usable with linked Panzerfausts, but if it is than it would also make those Panzerfaust shots a lot more likely to land. Finally, I'd like to see Yaogats MOV increased to 4-4. MAF already has a 4-4 MOV MI in the form of the Raktorak, so I don't see any reason why Yaogats can't be 4-4 as well. This would greatly increase the ability of the unit to fight at close range, which their boarding shotgun and grenade profiles suggest they should be good at. Sogarats: Sogarats remain the toughest HI in the game, but since ARM is arguably the weakest stat and Automedikit often never has a chance to come into play the toughness that they pay for isn't always everything it should be. Sogarats are also surprisingly poor at shooting for their cost. A BS 13 Sogarat can be reliably out shot by almost any link or any model with camo, TO, ODD, Sapper or even Mimetism, Even models with lower BS can expect to win a shootout if they catch the Sogarat outside it's prime range bands. Of course no model should be unassailable, but the Sogarat seems suspiciously poor at shooting for it's cost and armament. Moreover, the ridiculously expensive Sogarat link can only benefit from the +1 burst link bonus. That's not to say that the Sogarat is bad at shooting. He's just not particularly great at it, And he should be. So I propose that the Sogarat either needs to be a few points cheaper or have it's BS increased to 14. I would also love to see a 3rd Sogarat weapon loadout. I don't care what it is. I just want a 3rd model so I can build a link without having 2 identical models. Suryats: Suryats seem slightly overcosted to me when compared to the other classic HI. They pay 4 more points for their MR loadouts, which would suggest that their other benefits are worth the cost difference. But I doubt anyone would argue that Morat, Courage and Jungle Terrain are worth 4 points (especially when the Morat ability nearly makes Courage irrelevant). So I'd like to see Suryats either get a 2 point reduction, be returned to 14 PH or changed to 6-2 MOV. At one point Suryats were the fastest HI in the game. They lost that niche and instead became the lightest HI in the game (with a huge point decrease). Now they've also lost that niche. Zerat: Zerats are surprisingly solid, and yet... almost every other skirmisher in the game is a better value for it's points. You would think that Zerats would get some kind of benefit in exchange for camo, but they don't. For their price you'd expect a camo unit and instead just get Mimetism. I'd like to propose that Zerats gain the Superior Infiltration skill. If they can't have camo they should at least be reliable infiltrators. Daturazi: Daturazi are the other Morat unit that I consider being close to ideal. However, they aren't perfect. The removal of EXP CCW was a big blow to the unit. At first I accepted it as a general trend but recently I've been surprised to see how many units kept their EXP CCW option. I believe Daturazi should have this option returned to them. If you're going to invest 22 points into a Daturazi you should really be getting a better CCW out of it. I'd also like to see the BS Daturazi's AP CCW replaced with a Shock CCW. Oznat: the Oznat kind of sucks. She allows you to form Hungries links, which is all good and fine, and she comes with a 0 SWC LSGL, which is great if you need it, but otherwise she's just a vanguard that can't claim cover. I'd like the Oznat to actually be good at close combat, and currently she's very mediocre. Her high CC score is nice, but her Shock CCW is a mediocre tool and her lack of any CC related skills seems like an over site. I'd like to see her pick up either NBW or Beserk. I'd also like to see the Hungries Control Device reimagined to be similar to the Antipode Pack. Either that or the Oznat should be given Harris. Additionally, I'd love to see an alternate profile that replaces the Hungries Control Device and LSGL with Forward Deployment, Boarding Shotgun and Sensor. Anyat: Can Anyat have Mimetism please? The poor woman looses almost every firefight she's in. Also, I don't know if anyone else has realized that K1 ammo in a combi rifle is kind of mediocre., but I'd love it if she had a second gun that she could use to shoot the vast majority of models that have ARM 0-2. Honestly, given the option I'd chose a combi rile Anyat over the current version pretty much every time.
  10. So, I am not actually an Aleph player (we have too many locally) but I will be really really sad if I don't get to fight against sexy robot lady sectorial for another several years. Also I like thinking about game design stuff. So, here's some thoughts on a Vedic / Posthuman* sectorial. AVA for existing models: Deva: 6 Sophotects: 2 Asura: 3 Nagas: 4 Dasyus: 4 Marut: 2 Posthumans: 2 (see below) Dakini: T Garuda: 3 Daleth: 2 Zayin: 2 Samekh: 2 Lamedh: 4 Netrods: 4 New Stuff: Currently SSS is missing MI and WB. Probably should fill one of these slots. The problem is Aleph is awash in WBs and Devas are basically better than most MI. On the balance, though, Aleph _really_ doesn't need more warbands. New MI -- What should they have? SSS already has most great MI stuff (MSV, Mimetism, NWI, etc) on other troops. No idea. BS13 marksman + visor maybe? Character Asura Maybe some profile / unit that can link with Dakini. Yes, we have not had any REM links yet, but they are probably coming eventually and if any faction should have them it would be SSS. Make it like the Zerat and require the linking model to travel with them, slowing their speed. A new Deva lt profile to allow them to travel with the link. A non-hacker Deva specialist (probably a forward observer) A new rule of some kind. Links: Deva (without the Devabot versions) Asura + Character Asura New MI Maybe Dakinis only with Linking Device How to handle multiple Posthumans per army: Each Posthuman has its own contingent of bodies. These must be in separate combat groups. Just like in Vanilla, each one of them can only have one of each Mk. A single netrod, anywhere on the board, can let them bail out of a dead host. Maybe, in lieu of a link, allow a posthuman to operate all of their bodies as if linked, while still only providing one order. Honestly, SSS is almost "done" as a sectorial. They have 8-10 units (depending on how you count) already available, which is comparable to the smaller sectorials. They just need a touch of filling out (and, to be frank, AVA 6 linkable Devas is more than enough to make them competitive.) yrs-- --Ben * Yes, I know that CB said they wanted to do a whole Posthuman sectorial on its own but I don't think that's likely so.
  11. allisdust's idea was too awesome to be ignored. I predict: - Two new books: Acheron Falls and Desolated Earth - 2 new sectorials for every faction - Fully playable Mercenary armies - PanO still being the best and getting Gurkha unit for Acontecimento and Simo Hayha character for Svalarheima - Also, new ALEPH Recreations. Take all of these with a grain of salt of course. We might not be getting those Recreations after all.