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  1. Some of you have heard hints that I've been working on a new edition of the YAMS cards, and now it's reached the point for alpha testing by a wider group. NOTE - THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! If you haven't heard of YAMS, it was a set of random cards for generating mission objectives that was created four years ago, and became the standard for Infinity tournaments up until Corvus Belli released official ITS missions. You can download the old 1.1 version here. DESIGNER NOTES I had several criteria while working on the new version: The basic game must be simple, but with enough variety for replay value. It will still be a card-based system with semi-random objectives. For a more narrative-based approach, I recommend having a look at @Prophet_of_Doom's 20x20 system. The old Objective Cards need rebalancing and updating to N3 terminology. The old Civvie, Crate and Flag objectives needed reworking, and integrating more into the Objective Cards. YAMS2 is not designed as a tournament mission system, and should feel different to the ITS missions. I wanted to add a second level of pre-game strategies. Where appropriate, mission rules from the N3 rulebook have been used, for familiarity. As much of the system must be on the cards as possible, while keeping a sane number of cards. Shake up the games! Objective Cards The core of YAMS2 is still the Objective Cards. They've been reduced in number but are now worth 2pt each, mainly to aid in balancing. Most of the killing-oriented cards have been completely removed, on the grounds that players are already trying to do that. Another major change is how the Objective Cards are drawn and chosen - you still draw six, but the first thing you do is choose one of those to be a public joint objective* worth double points, then discard two. The rest remain as hidden secondary objectives. This means that you end up playing for two public objectives and then your three hidden ones. *With a tip of the hat to @Certs who I believe was the originator of this YAMS variant. Several ITS concepts like Controlling an item or Dominating an area have been borrowed, again to make it easier for players that swap between systems. Sample: Objective Markers YAMS1 had a Civvie and Crate on the halfway line, and a Flag in each deployment zone. However they often didn't play any part in a game if the relevant Objective Cards weren't drawn and chosen. The Civvie has been replaced by a High Value Target for each player. This is a fairly direct lift from the rulebook missions and should therefore be familiar to everyone, with the addition of being able to synchronize with your own HVT or the enemy one. The Crate has been replaced by three Consoles. These are placed alternately starting by the player who will be going first, and must be placed over the halfway line. In practice this means that they tend to be in a zig-zag along the middle of the table. They are destroyable terrain items. The Flag is no longer a Camouflage marker in your Deployment Zone but is a visible piece of destroyable terrain. It has the Baggage skill, increasing your Retreat threshold and letting your troopers reload with a Short Skill. Experimental - the ZoC of the Flag counts as part of your Deployment Zone, giving you a bubble of extra space, but also encouraging you to put it far enough forwards that it's at risk. However this has some balance issues so is likely to change. Roughly half of the Objective Cards involve interacting with the HVTs, Consoles or Flags. This makes your opponent's aims slightly more predictable, but also gives the games more focus by pretty much guaranteeing that the battlefield objectives will impact the game. Strategy Cards This is a major addition. In a similar manner to the Objective Cards, the Strategy Cards are drawn before the game starts. However they represent not the mission objectives but pre-battle scouting, manoeuvring, espionage etc. You get four cards and each has three abilities on it, but you have to choose one of those three abilities. For example the Advance Scouting Strategy Card lets you either increase an infiltrating troop's Infiltration skill by one level or increase a trooper's Forward Deployment skill level by one (including from zero to L1) or give a trooper the Multiterrain skill. Although there are currently 17 different abilities on the cards, they are spread across only six different cards, to make them easier to learn. Strategy Card abilities are played before deployment, during deployment or after deployment, as written on the card. Sample: Battlefield Conditions This is a set of random conditions for the battlefield. It's mainly there to shake things up so that players are facing different challenges from normal. They currently include alternative Deployment Zone layouts, whether there is an Exclusion Zone and whether there is a Storm during the first Game Round. I will probably add different game length and end-game conditions as extra options. At the moment the Battlefield Conditions are rolled for on a table, but the eventual aim is to include symbols on the Strategy Cards so that you an randomise them by drawing cards, then reshuffle before drawing your Strategy hand. LAYOUT NOTE The pages are laid out as A4, but should print OK on US Letter as long as you make sure that the card pages are set yo print at 100%. The cards themselves are sized to fit in standard card sleeves. The cards are not 'designed' at this point, as I expect the text to change a bunch of times... KNOWN ISSUES The interaction of the Corner Square DZ layout, using the Flag to extend your DZ and then giving a trooper 1-2 levels of Forward Deployment has caused alpha-strike issues... SUMMARY So there are three main components to YAMS2 - Objective Cards and Objective Markers, Strategy Cards and Battlefield Conditions. If you want a simple pick-up-and-play game, just use the Objective Cards & Objectives. For a full-blown game, use everything. If you're feeling adventurous, take the Battlefield Conditions and Strategy Cards and combine them with an ITS mission for something completely different - but with no guarantee of balance... WHAT'S NEXT? Download the PDF, have a read through, play a game or two, then come back and give me feedback. UPDATE March 2017 I've finally uploaded the YAMS 2 alpha 3 file to my own server to get around the file attachment issues with the forum move...
  2. This is my primary list I use for both ITS and YAMS. Currently using for playing a YAMS league and looking for any suggestions for changes. I feel like it is a strong list and that I mostly need to work on my tactics, but figured some feedback would be good as well. Nomads ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 19 1 SZALAMANDRA Hyper-rapid Magnetic Cannon, Heavy Flamethrower / . (2 | 90) SZALAMANDRA PILOT Contender / Pistol, Knife. (0) DAKTARI Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 14) ZONDBOT Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) INTERVENTOR Hacker Lieutenant (Hacking Device Plus) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25) INTRUDER HMG, Grenades / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 42) REAKTION ZOND HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 26) MORAN (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle, CrazyKoalas (2) / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 22) KRAKOT RENEGADE Submachine Gun, Chest Mine / Pistol, DA CC Weapon. (0 | 15) TOMCAT Engineer Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 22) STEMPLER ZOND Combi Rifle, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (0 | 17) GROUP 24 4 MORLOCK Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (0 | 6) MORLOCK Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, E/M CCW. (0 | 6) MORLOCK Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 6) MORLOCK Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 6) 5.5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army
  3. Date: Saturday, October 3, 2015 Location: Atomic Empire 3400 Westgate Dr. Durham, NC Time: 10am (will conclude no later than 5:30pm) Entry Fee: $10 Format: 300 points, Standard Format YAMS (Yet Another Mission System). Details found here: One List. Three Rounds. LISTS ARE DUE OCTOBER 2, 2015.
  4. I'm just going to keep to one thread to keep track of all our little club's events, with this first post being updated to match the latest upcoming event. Also, here's the link to our group's googlegroup - Nova Infinity As well as the location of Victory Comics using Googlemaps --------- 14 players attended the last tournament, it seems word is getting around to some of the other groups in the area to come on out to our shindigs. The 2nd Sunday of June is Father's Day so once again we'll be falling back to the 3rd Sunday of the month for this next one. What: Infinity Tournament Where: Victory Comics @ Falls Church, VA When: 12:30pm - 6:00pm, Sunday, June 22nd Details: 300pts "Draw 6, Share 2, Keep 2" YAMS The Entry Fee is $5 and with store credit as the prize support. The tournament will be 3 rounds using a max round length 1.5 hours. I hope to see everyone make it out to this one as well! ^.^
  5. I've started to learn YAMS and encountered a couple of questions: Should the crates be mounted on the 25 or 40 mm base if any? Card no.19: How could it be that during the game you were in Retreat condition, but at the end of the games you were not? Card no.23: Should I success in Discover roll before shooting the flag/HQ marker? Or it just has -3 for BS attacks and no Discover rolls are needed at all? Does restriction to deploy in Civvie's or Crate's ZoC apply to AD troops of any level?
  6. Hey guys. With my mates we've usually been playing regular 'kill everything' missions which so far has worked fairly well, but I'm after some more complexity. I've had a bit of a look at YAMS and ITS and I'm not overly sure what to go with really. I'd love to hear any opinions on the two methods and any perceived pros and cons of each since I obviously have no experience with either. For what it's worth, the main players are myself with Nomads (usually both Sectorials), an Ariadna/Yu Jing player, and a Yu Jing Sectorial player. No idea if that actually make a difference, but you never know.
  7. Yesterday, the forces of Aleph clashed with a small squad of Hassasins in a small town somewhere on some backwater planet on the edge of the human sphere. Both Forces had deployed in the region previously and were working towards their own ends - cooperation seemed out of the question. And then the shooting started... The Forces: Haqqislam - Hassassin Bahram | 8 Modelle ________________________________________________________ Ghulam Leutnant (13|0) Ghulam Rifle (13|0) Muyib LGL (23|1) Muyib Medic (27|0) Muyib Spitfire (31|1) Fiday BS (34|0) Barid Hacker (26|0.5) Lasiq Sniper (29|1.5) Nasmat (3|0) ________________________________________________________ 199/200 Punkte | 4/4 UWK Aleph | 10 Modelle ________________________________________________________ Asura Leutnant (73|0) Deva Sensoren (26|1) Naga Hacker (37|0.5) Dakini Tacbot Combi (13|0) Dakini Tacbot Combi (13|0) Dakini Tacbot Combi (13|0) Dakini Tacbot Combi (13|0) Netrod (4|0) Netrod (4|0) Netrod (4|0) ________________________________________________________ 200/200 Punkte | 1.5/4 UWK Deployment "Alright, listen up. Here are our objectives. We need to hold out at all cost. There can be no retreat here. The Old Man wants something in this area badly, so don't dissapoint him! If possible, target enemy specialists first - we need to destroy their infrastructure. This building with the sheet roof will be our forward base - don't let the enemy destroy it. Some forces of ours may be able to gain additional information on the infidels objectives, but we have to wait and see." Aleph won the LT-roll-off and opted to go for the initiative. Alephs machines were pushing the attack from the beginning and neglected their positioning in order to gain the initiative, only holding back a Naga. The Hassasins set up defensively, holding a Fiday in reserve to maximise his potential for troublemaking: The Naga deployed near the archway in the centre of the battlefield and the Fiday appeared behind him, disguised as yet another of the AIs flunkies: The Hassasins have the "Hold", "Forward Base", "Kill the Boffin" and "Ambush" objectives. They opt to double up on "Hold". Aleph doubles up on their "Forward Target" objective, and "Ambush" reveals "Intimidation" as their second objective. Aleph First Turn Eager to attack the enemy hacker, the Naga starts to advance. But he has only taken a few steps when he is discovered by the enemy, and bullets start flying towards him. He races forward, seeking cover, only then realising that he has been hit. Slumping to the ground, his world fades to black as a genetically engineered virus courses through his veins and takes his life. With the enemy in their midst now revealed, the AI sends a Dakini Tacbot to take action. The Asura then advances and synchronizes with the civilian - what can the AI possibly want from him? After having secured her objective, the Asura takes action to remove the pesky enemy sniper - and is successfull. A Dakini Tacbot tries futively to engage the team of Hassasin Muyibs by the well. The Asura then takes over and shoots the Barid, but misses the Muyib she had also targeted. Trying to keep their heads down, she holds the trigger down... The Naga adcances, but is discovered by the Fiday. The Lasiq, who had been waiting takes the shot and kills her target. A Dakini moves and attacks the Fiday, succeeding in taking him out, but is in turn shot by the Lasiq. The Asura moves up and synchronizes with the civvie and then moves to attack the Lasiq and the Barid and Muyibs, lastly opening up with suppression fire. A Dakini who tried to attack the Muyibs is destroyed. Hassasin Bahram First Turn "We're taking fire! Three of our own out of action. Farid, see what you can do!" "Yes sir...Make that two out of action." "Good job. Reform your unit Farid! Hessa, do you have a shot?" "Yes. Report a hit. Target has retreated" The Lasiq is healed by the Nasmat (the Deva shoots at him but misses) and wounds the Asura, who opts to drop her suppression fire and retreats into total cover. The Muyib link team reforms and moves up slightly. The Lasiq fires at the Deva, who drops out of sight. Aleph Second Turn The Asura advances again to get the enemy in her sights... "Target reaquired." "Target eliminated." A Dakini advances along the right flank, placing a triangulation beacon behind a wall. The Asura is killed by the Lasiq while advancing (she managed to kill the Spitfire Muyib though). Aleph elects a new LT. A Dakini runs forward and places a beacon, thereby revealing the triangulation objective. Hassasin Bahram Second Turn "He's behind that wall!" "Roger. Opening fire" A Ghulam moves to intercept the Dakini should he try to flank the two remaining Muyibs. The Muyib with LGL opens fire in the general direction of the Dakini and the Beacon. After several tries, he hits and puts both out of action. The second Ghulam advances towards the centre to capture the forward base. Aleph Third Turn Aleph is in retreat. The Deva climbs down the rock with her impetous order and then advances towards the one-and-a-half storey building in the centre. She links up with the civvie again and then blows up the building. Hassasin Bahram Third Turn After the dust settles, the lone Deva Functionary is out in the open, and The Lasiq, Hessa, still prowls on her rooftop... "Farid, see if you can do something for our Hacker." The Lasiq kills the Deva with a critical.The Muyib Doctor crawls through the dust and heals the Barid. The Aftermath "Report, Sargeant." "Two casualties, but all mission objectives were achieved. I want to draw special attention to the performance of our Lasiq, Hessa. Although heavily wounded, she was responsible for no less than four enemy casualties, one of them an Asura." 5 - 2 victory for the Hassasins. Aleph managed to fullfill the "Forward Target" mission but little else, and suffered heavy losses for it. We ended the game after the third turn, as the Aleph player only had a Dakini still active. (Report is written from memory and is probably not wholly accurate)
  8. Howdy everybody, so I got this blog called Certs Tabletop which is mostly about my Infinity exploits since starting back last summer. Anyways, shameless plug time but here's a list of pretty much all the batreps I've done but a few of the games I've played and posted to the blog. Warning: Most of the pictures are taken with my phone's camera so quality may vary because I'm cheap. Also, picture quantity may vary because I'm lazy. Tournament Play: 7/28 YAMS: Panoceania - Combined Army | Bye | Caledonia | Corregidor NOVA 2012 (YAMS): Neoterrans - PanOceania | Bakunin | Combined Army | Acontecimento 9/22 YAMS: Neoterrans - Ariadna | Bakunin | Ariadna | Aleph 11/17 YAMS: Nomads - HaqqIslam | Caledonia | JSA 1/19 'Unknown Territories': Ariadna - Aleph | Nomads | Morats | MRRF 3/30 YAMS: Haqqislam - Haqqislam | JSA | ASS 5/22 ITS4: Ariadna - Qapu Khalqi | Neoterrans | JSA 6/22 ITS4: Neoterrans - Ariadna | Yu Jing | Military Orders 8/10 ITS4: Nomads - Nomads | JSA | Ariadna Campaign Paradiso: Ariadna Chapter 1: Data Recovery | Activation and Triangulation | Central Seizure Chapter 2: Jungle Ambush | Hidden Witness | Exfiltration | Hijacking! | Emergency Station Chapter 3: Countdown Run | Rescue and Medevac | Departure at Noon Infinity Casual Games: Neoterrans - Ben's Bakunin | Ben's Bakunin Nomads - Ben's Aleph | Ben's Bakunin | John's Haqqislam Ariadna - my Nomads | Brian's JSA
  9. I know this is late notice for an event, sorry. Hellcat, eypyeash, and I will be hosting a 200 point YAMS tournament at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD on Sunday, November 11 at 1130 AM. The entry fee will be $10, much of which will go to prize support. We will play draw 8, keep 6 with otherwise standard rules. A single 200 pt ITS-compliant (no mercs unless specifically allowed in your sectorial) list will be used. The standings will be established by objective points scored, with points killed as a tiebreaker (so individual wins/losses don't matter, just the number of objectives you accomplish). We hosted a beginners tournament about a month ago, and this seemed like a logical follow-on to that, to allow newer players to slowly get into a more challenging game mode. Feedback and ideas are welcome. December will likely be a full-out ITS tournament. Games and Stuff 7385 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
  10. Stupid name .... should have recorded a video when making this battle report it would make more sense anyway enough about the stupid name here is the battle report. More to follow as I write the report and host all of the images. I was using a pretty soft Haqqislam list made up only of models I have completely painted (my own work) and would work to some extent. Haqqislam | 12 models ________________________________________________________ Combat Group #1 Janissary HMG (47|2) Janissary Doctor (49|0) Nasmat (3|0) Sekban HRL (36|1.5) Khawarij Rifle (27|0) Ghulam Lieutenant (13|0) Ghulam Doctor (17|0) Nasmat (3|0) Ghulam Hacker (25|0.5) Kameel EVO (13|0.5) Naffatun LFT (10|0) Naffatun LFT (10|0) Combat Group #2 Hunzakut Sniper (25|0.5) Bashi Bazouk E/Mauler (22|1) ________________________________________________________ 300/300 points | 6/6 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : Chopper had built the following list using my painted (purchased already painted) Yu Jing models. Note: Chopper is not very experienced at Infinity but is a veteran war gamer and a very good painter I look forward to showing you all some of his work in the future. His list shows the status as pretty new to Infinity but it was still serviceable; if some what lacking synergy. Yu Jing | 10 models ________________________________________________________ Hsien Lieutenant (60|-1) Celestial Guard Hacker (25|0.5) Su-Jian (56|2) Shang Ji Spitfire (47|2) Zhanshi Combi (11|0) Zhanshi Combi (11|0) Zhanshi Combi (11|0) Zhanshi Combi (11|0) Guilang Sniper (39|1.5) Bao Combi (29|0) ________________________________________________________ 300/300 points | 5/6 swc open with Aleph Toolbox : direct link Both lists are pretty weak in allot of respects I lack MSV, SSLV of any kind and the ability to use my hacker/EVO combo in any meaning full way. Worst of all I dumped two Irregulars into their own combat group and they really really needed extra orders to be effective. Choppers list lacks support units like engineers, doctors, has no real synergy/tactic in its core and lacks valuable smoke which his MSV 1 & MSV 2 models could have used against me. MISSION: YAMS - Objectives hidden from the enemy to the end of the game in most regards. POINTS: 300 Points TURNS: 4 TABLE: 6' by 3' - Played length ways FORCES: Haqqislam (VisOne) vs Yu Jing (Chopper) MARKERS: Civilian is being played by Shinobu Kitsune & the Crate is being played by a yellow Gale Force 9: Take Action Marker VisOne's Objectives I was lucky and drew 6 objectives that aren't that hard to achieve and involve moving foward to engage the enemy. I choose to drop the Capture (kill an enemy in CC) and Blockade (stop the enemy advancing over the half way point) objectives as they were the hardest to achieve IMHO. Choppers Objectives Chopper drew very very similar cards and dropped the Mapping (map enemy deployment zone) and Triangulation (put a marker in the enemy deployment zone) objectives as they were nearly impossible with no AD troops in his list. Initiative Vs Deployment Chopper and I rolled off agaisn't each others lieutenants WIP's and I failed mine and he choose to take the Initiative (first turn) and I was given the option of Deployment so I choose the higher table edge and forced him to deploy first. The table before deployment. A shot from my deployment zone towards his. The Civilian & Crate needed for the objectives were rolled for and the civilian landed right in the middle of the bridge crossing the creek (middle of the above pictures) and the crate landed just in front of the exhaust tower (right hand side of the above picture between the fence and the tower) making it very hard to get to. Choppers Deployment Here you can see the Zhanshi conga line forming up behind their barracks for their morning work out. In the bottom of the picture is the Su-Jian in mobility form, a Shang Ji w/ Spitfire (spec ops figure as proxie) & a Bao w/ Combi (guilang figure as proxie) finally up the very top Chopper is about to place his Hsien Lieutenant. Out of picture on the left because of he is infiltrating is a camo marker that is the Guilang w/ Multi Sniper Rifle. Chopper has not models in reserve. VisOnes Deployment My force move onto the board in tacticool blob formation. From top to bottom Naffatun, Ghulam Hacker, Ghulam Lieutenant, Naffatun, Khawarij, Janissary Doctor w/ Nasmat, Janissary w/ HMG (in the rock formation) Ghulam Doctor w/ Nasmat, a Sekban w/ HRL (prone) and finally the EVO repeater is hiding on the left hand side at the very back. Out of picture on the right because of he is infiltrating is a camo marker that is the Hunzakut w/ Sniper Rifle. I also have a Bashi Bazouk E/Mauler but he is being held in reserve for later in the game. I drew up a mud map before the start of the game that clearly shows he is to come in on the right hand side of the table just short of my enemies deployment zone. Luckily for me this area was reasonably clear towards the end of the game more on this later. Disregard the markers they are just their for my deployment zone. Choppers Turn 1 Chopper wastes no time using the Su-Jians high movement value and climbing plus while in its mobility form to push foward to the exhaust tower and climb up it taking the highest vantage point on the board without receiving even one ARO in return. He also moves his Shang Ji w/ Spitfire & Bao w/ Combi Rifle up they both receive shots from my Janssary w/ HMG but the range and -3 due to the fence in the way cause the shots to go wide or be ignored by their armour. Also the Guiland w/ Multi Sniper Rifle walks up onto the bridge and hides under his camo marker. Can see alllllll the things! Lucky my Sekban is prone. Come at me BRO! Unfolds to engage my Janissary w/ HMG NOTE: Civilian is being played by Shinobu Kitsune as seen in the middle of the bridge & the Crate is being played by a yellow Gale Force 9: Take Action Marker on the right hand side of the board. Janissary DOWN! Su-Jian moves in mobility form to gain cover. The Su-Jian on the other hand makes a right arse of itself and proceeds to fire a panzerfaust right into my Janssary w/ HMG's chese causing to 2 AP wounds and taking him to unconscious. Then to add salt to the wound stands up and draws LOS to my Sekban even though he is prone and fires a full Spit Fire volley into me knocking him unconscious too. Thankfully my HRL was accurate and causes a wound on the Su-Jian setting it up for its down fall later. VisOne Turn 1 Well my first turn didn't start too well both of my long range weapon users are unconscious and I have a panzerfaust/spitfire armed transformer here by called star scream to deal with. Thankfully I brought my least favorite secrete weapon. My Khawarii proceeds to burn about 2 orders to get into a position where he can put effective flanking fire into the Su-Jian by using his super jump to jump just high enough to not be seen by the any enemy models except the Su-Jian but still claim cover from it while negating it cover in return and fires a full 3 round burst from his rifle taking it to unconscious/broken/what ever robots get when you shoot the dam things. Revengeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is sweet and sour. For the rest of my turn I proceed to make good use of my 2 doctors and their little robot helpers to bring my Sekban and Janissary w/ HMG back into the game. Finally I move my two Janissaries up to better cover the bridge, civilian & crate. Sorry about the bad picture its the best I have of this part of the game. My Bashi Bazouk stays off the table and my Hunzakut w/ Sniper moves closer to the crate. Choppers Guilang camo marker and mine stare at each other but neither has MSV 3 nor wants to try and discover just to get shot in the face by something else. Chopper Turn 2 Chopper isn't so keen on letting me do that jump trick with my Khawarij so he puts some models in place to watch that area. He also brings his Shang Ji forward to start putting effective fire on my Jannisary w/ HMG in the ensuring firefight he knocks him down unconscious again. He then moves up his Hsien Lieutenant onto the bridge and that more or less ends his turn. Again bad photo sorry but here you can see him consolidating his grip on the middle of the board. VisOnes Turn 2 Having lost my Janissary HMG again and my Sekban being in a useless position to engage the Shang Ji who is covering my Janissary's body I decide to try and use my Khawarij to throw a grenade at his Hsien and Guilang but don't take into account the range and shadow zone correctly and waste an order. Instead I burn coordinated orders to bring my two Naffatuns w/ Light Flamethrowers around the landing pad and flank his Hsien. A 3 round burst and all my orders later I have wounded his Hsien and end my turn. Never turn your back on a lady especially if she has a flame thrower! Choppers Turn 3 Chopper makes good use of coordinated orders himself to use his Zhanshi out on his right flank to kill my nasty back stabbing Naffatun and send her companion into the unconscious state removing the threat of that flanking attack. His Shang Ji, Guilang & my Sekban got into a pissing match and he found his Shang Ji unconscious by the end of his turn but had put my Sekban down for good when his Guilang camo pops and kills it then we realise both his and my order pool were really starting to dwindle. VisOne Turn 3 At the start of turn three I manage to get my Janissary w/ HMG back up but left him down behind the crates where he went down so not to pick up any ARO's. I brought my Bashi Bazouk w/ E/Mauler in on the table edge as I had planned but then hit a brick wall when I remember I left no bloody orders for him to use as his combat group was just him and 1 other irregular model! The Hunzakut w/ Sniper rang over to the exhaust tower grabbed cover and dropped a mine to keep the enemy away from the crate. Come at me BRO ..... or don't don't is better I have no orders to use. Sekban is down but Janissary is about to get back up go go nasmat robot! Then we break for a bit and we have dinner. Made some Cream of Broccoli soup w/ sauteed bacon and onion to finish plus some toast soldiers for dipping. The other bowl is black rice, ginger broth & stripped skirt streak finished in soy. Nums Nums concluded we went back to the game and realized there wasn't much left standing on the board. Allot of models on their sides there and not many have unconscious makers. I finally figure out a way to deal with his Guilang w/ Multi Sniper Rifle. I super jump my Khawarij off the building and charge into combat with the camo marker forcing him to reveal so I can punch him in the face. Its super successful and the Guilang goes down like a sack of ######. Ohh yeah bad photo's a go go still you can see my Khawarij about to charge his Guilang under its camo marker on the bridge. Chopper Turn 4 Choppers last turn doesn't start well he is in retreat his retreat impetuous orders cause his models to get hit by unneeded ARO's from my models especially from the Bashi Bazouk who dominates his back line and his Hsien Lieutenant gets a HMG to the face. The Bashi Bazouk cleans up in ARO. Another shot of his back line falling apart. He decides to withdraw his remaining units to the back field and more or less calls the game. VisOne Turn 4 Is a turn only in name. Turn four sees me use the last of my orders to Search the Crate Objective with my Hunzakut, advance my Doctor to take the exhaust tower for the Forward Base Objective. I also advance my Jannisary HMG and Khawarij well over the centre line given me 5 or 6 actives troops in his half of the board more than enough to meet the Advance Objective. Finally having killed or made unconscious all but 3 of his Zhanshi I had meet the requirements for the Decimate Objective. The game ends with a poor showing for Chopper as he didn't meet any of his objectives and I completed all of mine. That said it really was never in the bag for either of use at any point. AFTER ACTION REPORT! Now I've already mentioned Chopper isn't very well versed in Infinity we have played around 6 games I think he has played another player other than myself once or twice and he certainly hasn't immersed himself in the rules and background as much as I have so its fair to say were on different levels in most regards but that didn't change the outcome of the game much. The dice certainly were rolling in my favor nor his. The terrain wasn't stacked one way of the other and the objectives were surprisingly similar. No the main difference was simply the application of sound moves that would result in the complete of an objective. Infinity is just one of those games where sometimes you need to risk a model or two to complete the objective and if that means giving your opponent a free ARO or run at what they want you have to accept that risk. It was a good game and could have being anyone's till that last turn. Hope you enjoyed reading it and if your interested most of the terrain and the table itself was actually made for WARHAMMER 40,000 not infinity! Cheers, VisOne
  11. So--I had an idea for a mission... I'm not entirely sure if it would work as a stand-alone scenario--but I think it might be a good YAMS addition... Anyway, the idea is that one player has a spy in the enemy's ranks, and is trying to get him across the table from enemy lines. As one of my friends pointed out, "many Bothans died to bring us these plans..." So, for setup, the spying player chooses one basic model from their list (I'm thinking <25 points, 0 SWC, cannot be impetuous) and deploys as a Spy Token within the enemy's deployment zone. The Spy Token is deployed before any other models are deployed on the board. The Spy Token is a little like an Impersonator, but has some key differences: The Spy Token can only be discovered in ARO or if it takes an action that reveals itself. The Spy Token receives AROs during the reactive phase as normal, but any rolled action will reveal the Spy. Only 1 successful discover roll is required to reveal the Spy. If the Spy Token is in base-to-base contact with an Allied model, it is automatically revealed. Once revealed, the Spy cannot re-establish their disguise and cannot redeploy as a Spy Token. While deployed as a Spy Token, the Spy generates one special Spy Order per turn instead of contributing to the order pool. The player may use regular orders on the Spy Token. The Spy Order also has some special rules: The Spy Order does not generate AROs for the reactive player. The Spy Order can only be used by the Spy Token. The Spy Order must be used at the beginning of the player's turn. The Spy Order does not have to be used. For the mission, I was thinking that the Spy is carrying secret plans that can be passed to friendly models in base-to-base contact, or retrieved from the body of the Spy. The Spying player gets victory points for recovering the plans off their table edge, for recovering the Spy/Spy Token off their table edge. The Enemy player gets victory points if the Spy Token is revealed, killing the Spy, and recovering the plans off their table edge. I'm not sure if this works as a stand-alone scenario... It might seem a little contrived if both players have a spy embedded in their ranks... But I think it would be particularly interesting as part of YAMS or as an add on to another Scenario... The Spying player could risk revealing themselves to try and achieve some other mission objective... You'd have to weight the victory points accordingly... Anyway, just a little idea to play with that could add an interesting little narrative to a game... I haven't really had a chance to playtest as my gaming time is a little limited right now, but thought I'd share... Thoughts?