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Found 8 results

  1. I like to watch Infinity played on YouTube. Nice to have on in the background. My three favourites being Gaming with the Cooler, Guerilla Gaming and Beasts of War. Feel free to chip in with any others I should check out. Anyhoo, as the Canadians say, I recently watched a game of Infinity Zombies. It being 100pt forces worked nicely for our bunch of starters and I have a feeling it's going to prove our most popular format as we get going. For my first time I insisted on werewolves to continue the horror theme but may drop them in future. My initial list was Grunt lt, line Kazak, devil dog team, minuteman and highlander grey. Not a bad mix, obviously I'm going to struggle with hacking the terminal but luckily the Aleph player had one in their 3 man force... How many out there have played much of this? Any rules tweaks I should introduce? Any Ariadna stuff great for it? (Next time I'm using a minelayer, but kind of want to throw van zant on there to kick zombie and chew gum.
  2. The Civilians have been Left for Zed! Join Owen and I as we play through his Living Dead scenario, attempting to rescue Civilians from the waves of the Living Dead! Check out our first play-through on Gaming with the Cooler HERE: Download the Rules HERE:
  3. Hi there, I had great fun on my lunch break today tinkering with a mash-up of Guillotine Games' Zombicide and Infinity the Game. Zombicide is a favourite for our gaming group, and it seemed natural after reading the zombiepocalypse battle report this morning. Here it is. Comments are on, so please feel free to let me know if I've missed something. This is straight from my brain to you all, without playtesting, and I'd love some feedback on how it plays 'in the field', so to speak. Cheers!
  4. If anyone knows who wrote/originally posted these, please post so I can attribute. Dug this copy up from our local forum since there's been interest. It very likely needs an update for N3. It's pre-Paradiso so rules for playing Spec Ops should probably get added too. LEFT4INFINITY The Mission "Something has gone severely pear-shaped in a secret cloning facility. Instead of producing perfect copies, the vats have started to churn out hordes of brainless, debilitated ghouls - and the whole complex is run by a single computer, a computer that can't be shut down... Facing one of the most severe crisis the galaxy has ever known, all of the great powers-to-be have agreed to cast their conflicts aside to counter this threat. A team of mission specialists has been assembled to salvage what still can be saved. But will their efforts be enough?" "Left 4 Infinity" is a cooperative scenario for 2 to X players, with one player taking the mantle of "Zombie Overlord", trying to prevent the other players ("The Specialists") from reaching their mission objective and escaping the zombie-ridden city. The Specialists The team of mission specialists consists of 1 to X players. Each player can play with the following miniatures: * 1-3 Line (or) Garrison troops or * 1 other miniature of any faction. (Antipodes, Bakunin Uberfallkommando etc. count as 1 model for the purpose of assembling the Specialists). Special Rules & Skills Every miniature in the team, with the exception of TAGs, Pupniks, Antipodes, etc) have access to the following special rules and equipment: * Booty (only to loot fallen team members, no extra equipment, Zombies are not lootable) * Auto-Medikit (1 use, model can heal itself) * Paramedic * Engineer * Irregular * Religious Troop Orders Every team member has 2 Orders. Lieutenant The team declares a Lieutenant, who automatically receives the Skill Strategos Lvl 01. Antipodes, Pupniks or Remotes are not eligible to be promoted to Lieutenant. The Lieutenant chooses the deployment zone and sets the sequence in which the members of the team get active. The Lieutenant Order can be transferred to any other model on the table. Setting up the table The table is set up like any ordinary Infinity table, with lots of terrain and LOS blocking. The size of the table should be around 48" x 48". The Zombie player places a number of mission objectives and sewer entrances on the table. The number of each is: half the number of miniatures on the Specialists' team, rounding down (so 1 objective for 3 miniatures, or 3 objectives for 7 miniatures, and so on). Mission objectives and Sewer entranced are placed * 10" from the board's edges AND * 8" from each other The Specialists' Lieutenant then chooses the deployment zone, which measures 3" from a board edge of his choice. Infiltrators may be deployed up to 6" deep, and can infiltrate as usual. The rules for Hidden Deployment are no longer in effect. Treat Hidden Deployment just like Combat Drop. Models with Mechanized Deployment are deployed like Infiltrators. Deploying the Undead Horde The Zombie player starts with the Zombie Lieutenant and some Zombies, amounting to double the number of the Specialists' miniatures (and Camo markers) on the table. After the Specialist have deployed, the Zombie player sets up his miniatures, with no limitations, except for keeping a minimum distance of 12" to the Specialists. Zombie Reinforcements Every turn, starting from the first, the Zombie player receives Reserves. These Reserves can be "bought" out of a certain budget that is determined by the following way: 2D6/2 (rounding up) + points for every Specialist miniature/Camo marker on the table Miniatures on the table generate Reserve budget according to their point cost as follows: 1 - 20 pts = 1 Reserve point 21-40 pts = 2 Reserve points 41-60 pts = 3 Reserve points (and so on, working up in steps of 20 points) as well as 1 Reserve point for every full SWC used. Example: The Specialists' team consists of a Fusilier with HMG, a Sin Eater Observant with Mk12, a Wu Ming with Boarding Shotgun and a Domaro Butai with Boarding Shotgun. This would give the Zombie Player the following number of Reserve points to use per turn: Fusilier (HMG) costs 19 pts + 1 SWC = 2 Reserve points Sin Eater Observant costs 29pts = 2 Reserve points Wu Ming and the Domaru Butai cost 36pts each, conferring 2 x 3 Reserve points This means that the Zombie player has 10 + 2D6/2 Reserve points, allowing him to spend between 11 and 16 Reserve points per turn. After choosing his Reserves, the Zombie player consults a D20 to ascertain how many Zombies he may deploy on a table edge or sewer entrance (always rounding up). 1-5: the Zombie player may deploy 25% of his Zombies 6-10: the Zombie player may deploy 50% of his Zombies 11-15: the Zombie player may deploy 75% of his Zombies 16-20: the Zombie player may deploy all of his Zombies Elite Zombies and Zombie Dogs are, if the D20 roll permits, to be deployed by the Zombie player. All the Zombies that may not be deployed by the Zombie player are then deployed by the Specialists’ team players. Every sewer entrance can only hold 3 Zombies and 1 Elite Zombie. Zombie Dogs and Tanks may not be deployed via a sewer entrance. Unique Zombies Lurker, Hunter, Spitter, Sticky, Boomer, and Tank are unique. This means that there can never be more than 1 unique Zombie of the same type on the table (Example: 2 Boomers are not permitted at the same time, a Boomer and a Hunter are perfectly fine). If a unique zombie is taken out of action, it cannot be chosen as a Reinforcement in the following turn – it has to „wait“ for a full turn before it can be brought to the table again. Bringing the Zombies to the table At the beginning of his turn, the Zombie player must bring his Reserves to the table using their Impetous order. The Reserves must have base contact with the table edge after carrying out the Impetous order. This happens before the Impetous orders of the Zombies already on the table are carried out. The Specialists’ Objectives The Specialist’s objective is to obtain the mission objective(s) and carry it (or them) off the table. About the Mission Objectives The Mission Objectives have to be „opened“ before they can be carried off-table. Hackers can choose to hack the mission objective, non-Hackers have to get into base contact and spend a short movement order to make a WiP test and „open“ the objective. To pick up the mission objective, a model has to move into base contact and spend a short movement order to pick it up (place a mission objective marker in base contact with the model that picked it up). Zombies, Antipodes, Remotes and TAGs can neither open or pick up mission objectives. Once a mission objective is picked up, an exfiltration zone is opened on the table edge that is the farthest away from the mission objective, measuring 3" from the center of this table edge. The Specialists must exit the table via the exfiltration zone in order to succeed. Carrying the mission objective Every mission objective marker is considered to be „non-existent“ as far as LOS, etc. are concerned. The mission objective slows its carrier down, which means that a model carrying the mission objective may not combine a Move order with another Move order, but still with other short movement like Climb or Jump. (Example: A model with MOV 4-4 can only move 4" per Order spent, but can still move 4" and climb a fence, and so on). Any model carrying the mission objective may not use Braces or the like to let itself carry by another model. The model carrying the mission objective can pass it on to another model in base contact by spending a short movement order. As usual, Zombies, Antipodes, TAGs or Remotes cannot carry the objective. If for any reason the model carrying the mission objective is taken out of action (or turned into a Zombie), it immediately drops the objective. The mission objective can then be picked up by any other model just as described above. If the carrier is rendered unconscious, the mission objective stays in its possession (so it doesn't need to spend another short movement order to pick the objective up again, if the model is conscious again). If another Specialist moves into base contact with the unconscious model, it can spend a short movement order to pick up the mission objective. Profiles & Point Costs for Zombies Special Rules No Coup de Gracê: The model cannot execute a Coup de Gracê. Zombie Epidemic: If a model is killed in CC by a Zombie, the model is transformed into a Zombie that can only carry out AROs until the next turn of the Zombie player. In the Zombie player's next turn, the model is replaced with a standard Zombie. If a model is rendered unconscious by a Zombie in CC, it has to succeed on a PH test every Specialist turn in which the Auto-Medikit cannot be used or turn into a Zombie. The same applies if the Auto-Medikit test is failed. Weak Flesh: Some models have a negative ARM value that is added to a weapon's strength instead of being deducted. For example, a model with Weak Flesh and ARM -2 is hit by a weapon with STR 13. The ARM roll has to be made against a value of 15 (13 + 2), with all other modifiers (like cover, range, etc) applied as usual. AP CCWs double the ARM modifier - to use aforementioned example, the roll has to be made against a value of 17 (STR 13 + 2x2). Monafilament CCWs allow no ARM roll at all. Profiles (Point costs are only applicable for the Zombie Reserve) Zombie MOV 4 - 2 | CC: 8 | PH: 12 | BS: 0 | WIP: 8 | W: 1 | BTS: -3 | ARM: -2 Point Cost: 1pt Equipment: CCW Special Rules: Irregular, Impetous, Religious Troop, No Wound Incapacitation, Autokill through Critical Hits, No Dodge, No Coup de Grâce, Zombie Epidemic, Weak Flesh Zombie Lieutenant MOV: 4 - 2 | CC: 12 | PH: 15 | BS: 0 | WIP: 10 | W: 2 | BTS: -3 | ARM: 0 Point Cost: n/a (can never be bought) Equipment: CCW Special Rules: Irregular, Impetous, Religious Troop, No Wound Incapacitation, Autokill through Critical Hits, Strategos Level 1, No Dodge, No Coup de Grâce, Zombie Epidemic Zombie Dog MOV: 6 - 2 | CC: 8 | PH: 13| BS: 0 | WIP: 10 | W: 1 | BTS: -3| ARM: -2 Point Cost: 3pt (up to 2 Dogs per turn) Equipment: CCW Special Rules: Irregular, Impetous, Religious Troop, No Wound Incapacitation, Autokill through Critical Hits, Berserk, No Dodge, No Coup de Grâce, Zombie Epidemic Elite Zombies (only 1 per turn each) (Special Rules in bold and italics illustrate a diversion from the more "common" special rules) Lurker MOV: 4 - 4 | CC: 12 | PH: 13 | BS: 0 | WIP: 8 | W: 1 | BTS: -3| ARM: -2 Point Cost: 4pt Equipment: CCW Special Rules: Irregular, Impetous, Religious Troop, No Wound Incapacitation, Autokill through Critical Hits, Camouflage (this ignores Impetous), No Dodge, No Coup de Grâce, Zombie Epidemic Hunter MOV: 6 - 2 | CC: 14 | PH: 13 | BS: 0 | WIP: 8 | W: 1 | BTS: -3 | ARM: -2 Point Cost: 5pt Equipment: AP-CCW Special Rules: Irregular, Impetous, Religious Troop, No Wound Incapacitation, Autokill through Critical Hits, Super Jump, No Dodge, No Coup de Grâce, Zombie Epidemic Spitter MOV: 4 - 2 | CC: 8 | PH: 13 | BS: 0 | WIP: 8 | W: 1 | BTS: -3 | ARM: -2 Point Cost: 5pt Equipment: Light Flamer, CCW Special Rules: Irregular, Impetous, Religious Troop, No Wound Incapacitation, Autokill through Critical Hits, No Dodge, No Coup de Grâce, Zombie Epidemic Sticky MOV: 4 - 2 | CC: 8 | PH: 13 | BS: 9 | WIP: 8 | W: 1 | BTS: -3 | ARM: -2 Point Cost: 5pt Equipment: Adhesive Launcher, CCW Special Rules: Irregular, Impetous, Religious Troop, No Wound Incapacitation, Autokill through Critical Hits, No Dodge, No Coup de Grâce, Zombie Epidemic Boomer MOV: 4 - 2 | CC: 12 | PH: 13 | BS: 0 | WIP: 8 | W: 1 | BTS: -6 | ARM: -2 Point Cost: 6pt Equipment: Viral CCW Special Rules: Irregular, Impetous, Religious Troop, No Wound Incapacitation, Autokill through Critical Hits, Explode, No Dodge, No Coup de Grâce, Zombie Epidemic Tank MOV: 4 - 2 | CC: 16 | PH: 16 | BS: 0 | WIP: 8 | W: 3 | BTS: -3 | ARM: 1 Point Cost: 7pt Equipment: DA CCW Special Rules: Irregular, Impetous, Religious Troop, Autokill through Critical Hits, Dogged, No Dodge, No Coup de Grâce, Zombie Epidemic
  5. Hey guys! I'm starting this as a log of my work on my personal terrain project. I'm hoping to receive constructive criticism and ideas to improve my work. I can't spend forever on the project and I can't promise that I'll do what you think is best but I'm open to new ideas and will definitely consider all your opinions; so please give them I absolutely fell in love with the Spartan Scenics range of HDF scenery the second I saw it. So I purchased one of each of their scenery kits (Starter, Corridors, Towers, Buildings, and Doors); so far I have received the Starter, Corridors, and Towers. I'm not 100% on all the details of how it be in the end but my general guideline is that I am building a Super-secret, high-tech, high-risk lab. I play Pan O and Aleph so this would suit them perfectly (theme-wise). Not only that but my Pan O. army's theme is Hellgate London; an old diablo-in-futuristic-London game, and I'm play-testing zombie rules so this lab will also feature zombie virus signs (blood, broken test tubes, etc...). You can see my army and background here: (insert link, working on it I'm going to assemble everything before I paint, so I will talk about painting when the time comes. So, on to the terrain! I work and have a family, so I can only work on it at nights but I pick away at it every night Here are some pics: Displaying all the contents of the Corridor set still on sprue. Completed with the roof. Completed with the roof off. Displaying all the contents of the Tower set still on sprue. I'm now working on the Towers set, more pics will be incoming! This post is already really long but I will be posting about the assembly itself and each piece. Let me know if you have any questions about the terrain and I'll answer them as best I can
  6. Well since I've being you know building my Bug Hunt Corridors table recently I've being thinking it would be really fun to do a zombie game on this board when its finished and since I kind of love the whole ARO mechanic of Infinity I thought hell why not do the zombie in Infinity thing and why reinvent the wheel and make heros and all the jazz when the Spec Ops rules work pretty well. So here is a my little take on Zombies in Infinity. The word attachment I've uploaded with this thread has all of the Zombie profiles in it. No cake for guessing where I got allot of the profiles from! DOWNLOAD THE WORD DOCUMENT - HERE NEW VERSION BELOW INFINITY: SPEC OPS VS THE MAD DOCTOR ________________________________________________________________________________ THE RULES: All of the standard rules for Infinity still apply. There is two exceptions to this the first that is the rules for retreat. The rules for retreat need to be ignored due to the intentionally imbalanced point costs of the two teams. Otherwise the Spec Ops or Mad Doctors team would be in retreat very quickly. The second is that the Spec Op team has 5 regular orders for each surviving member of their team to be used where ever they feel it is best to use them. All of the standard rules for Infinity still apply. So yes that means you can’t place a template weapon where it would affect your own models as well as the enemy. No it doesn’t matter that their already dead the UNDEAD have feelings too! Also please note you still need to elect a Lieutenant and you still need to make the normal face to face roll before the start of the game to see who wins the right to dictates deployment (which table edge and who deploys first) OR dictates initiative (who takes the first turn) this is still very important. THE TEAMS, FORCES, TABLE & DEPLOYMENT: TEAM 1 – The Spec Ops: Can be as many players as you have with models to represent the Spec Ops. Each player is allowed 25 points and 1 SWC to purchase their Spec Ops model/profile with and 15 XP points to spend on upgrading their Stats/Weapons/Skills/Equipment. Spec Ops use the rules from the Campaign: Paradiso Rule Book or in a pinch you could use Aleph Toolbox to create your profile. TEAM 2 - The Mad Doctor: Is a single player and essentially will be the Game Master. He has 300 points and 6 SWC Table Setup: I suggest the Mad Doctor be allowed to setup the table (within reason) for this game. Don’t worry the face to face roll before the start of the game can still cause this player trouble. Terrain density should be pretty high and if possible make it look like it’s inside spaceship/building complex. NOTE: The doctor is placed as near to the centre of the table as is reasonable at the start of the game by the person who will control him during the game. The Mad Doctor is a player controlled model and still will get to preform ARO’s toward any enemy order he can see and in turn be open to having ARO’s performed against him. THE SCENARIO: The scenario is pretty simple there is a dubious Doctor on a space ship thing-a-ma-jig somewhere in some part of space. All the little super powers of the Human Sphere even the alien ones have found out about it at the same time and they have all sent their best Spec Op’s to stop & take the doctor somewhere uncomfortable and I don’t mean the back of a Volks Wagon. Now these Spec Ops aren’t stupid so they are prepared to team up and put their differences aside just for this mission or till at least the zombies are all dead! THE HOW TO WIN: What does it all mean? THE SPEC OPS: Well simply the doctor must be captured but not killed! To do this you will need to take the doctor to either an unconscious state or immobilized and then get into base to base contact with him. Once there you must stay in base to base contact with him for your active turn and 1 whole active turn of your opponents. To help you do this I have made the doctor a HI so he can be hacked, can be turned off with E/M special ammunition and that also means he ignores the effect of shock ammunition and is much less likely to just roll over and die! That said I suggest you use non-lethal weapons if you can. If the Spec Ops team manages to do this than they win. THE MAD DOCTOR: Well simply the doctor must be not captured or killed! INFINITY: SPEC OPS VS THE MAD DOCTOR I have not yet tested this scenario and I don’t know how many turns it will take but I sugguest starting with 4 and adjusting up or done as you see fit. Have fun and think happy thoughts about Vissy’s even if you’re losing.
  7. Infinity Escalation League- Begins Oct 6th – SpecOps Kick-off event also on the 6th Sign Ups at Game Kastle - Santa Clara Week 1 – 100pts with optional 4xp SpecOps Week 2 – 150pts with optional 6xp SpecOps Week 3 – 200pts with optional 8xp SpecOps Week 4 – 250pts with optional 10xp SpecOps Week 5 – 300pts with optional 12xp SpecOps League Rules: 5 dollar entry to the league (so that at the end we can have some kind of prize support; I will work this out with Game Kastle) Each League player needs to declare their League Name and Faction prior to week 1 All lists must be legal (must have Lt, fit within SWC limits, fit within point limits, etc) Factions must remain the same throughout the schedule, however the lists may change from week to week/game to game, and Sectorial lists count as the primary faction (and thus may be swapped out within the faction as desired) Lists used must be provided to your opponent at the end of the game (or prior if desired), this is to help new players understand what they faced Games played for the league must be reported to the League moderator (z3n1st) by Sunday evening of each week, games not reported will not be counted towards the League. When reporting the game please include the date and the name of your opponent. Don’t be ‘that guy’, be courteous, kind and above all patient League points for: Playing a unique league member +1 LP (unique status resets each week) Note that there is NO RESTRICTION on where the games are played or when, but for the game to count it must be against another League Member and reported to z3n1st by that Sunday evening. We ‘officially’ meet on Sunday at Gamekastle Santa Clara, but if you get your games in on weekday at your house that is perfectly fine too. League Rewards: Best SpecOps Paint Job – voted on by all League members Most League games overall – Speaks for itself We will run an ITS tournament at the end of the League, open to all League Members and Non-League Members. Once I have a list of all attendees for the League I will post that information for all participants, so that you can start scheduling games. An important note, is that it does not matter who wins or loses the games, just that you played them. The Tournament will of course be all about ghosting the opponent, and claiming victory! Details on the Kick Off event coming shortly!
  8. So, I got my Sedition Wars KS and painted them all up... Which begs the question, what do you do with a table full of space zombies? Why, play Infinity of course! Sedition Wars has some interesting ideas about infection, and I used that as inspiration for an Infinity scenario. I tried it out and had a lot of fun--watching a Myrmidon link team turn on their comrades was hilarious! So, here's one way to play with infectious zombies roaming the board! Stages of Infection... There are three phases of infection. Use tokens or markers as appropriate for the various phases, or to stand in for zombie miniatures. Phase 1 (Infected). These are your regular models that have become infected. When an infected model is activated (order or ARO), the model must make a BTS save or immediately become Phase 2 (Controlled) and forfeit the order/ARO. A model may gain multiple infections. 1 infection requires a BTS 9 save. Each additional infection is +3 BTS. If the model passes the BTS save, then it carries out it's order/ARO as normal. When failing the BTS save, the model immediately takes a Zombie impetuous order (described below). Phase 2 (Controlled). These are your regular models, but are no longer part of your army. They do not generate orders and cannot take regular orders or AROs. They will act impetuously (described below). The Phase 2 (Controlled) model must be discovered or have attacked another model before friendly models can target it (similar to sepsitor or impersonation). When a Phase 2 (Controlled) model is wounded, it becomes a Phase 3 (Zombie). Phase 3 (Zombie). When a model becomes Phase 3, the miniature is replaced with a zombie miniature. These models act impetuously (described below). When a Phase 3 (Zombie) model is wounded, it is killed. Zombie Impetuous Order... When Phase 2 (Controlled) and Phase 3 (Zombie) figures are activated, they must move 6" towards the closest biological model (uninfected or Phase 1) on the table. If they get into base-to-base contact during their order, they get an immediate CC-Infect attack which (if successful) causes an infection instead of a wound. Zombies get CC-Infect 14, PH 10, ARM 3, BTS -3. (Obviously, adjust to taste...) Zombie AROs... If the Zombie is in base-to-base contact with a non-zombie, it makes a CC-Infect attack (regardless of which figure generated the ARO). Otherwise, zombies attempt to dodge all BS attacks and do not have to take gut checks. Zombie Order Pool... Each player begins their active turn with a zombie phase. Each infected model, controlled model, and zombie on the table generates 1 zombie order (1 per model, not per infection). The active player must use all the available zombie orders, but may use them on any infected, controlled, or zombie models on the table. If a zombie order is used on a Phase 1 model that passes the BTS save, then nothing happens and no AROs are generated. Zombie orders may be used as coordinated orders, without the requirement to attack the same target. Curing Infections... Doctors can attempt to cure a Phase 1 (Infected) model. Each infection adds a -3 penalty to the WIP roll. On a failed WIP, the infected model must pass a BTS save or become Phase 2 and immediately attack the doctor... Patient Zero (Seeding the Table)... For my game, I decided the entire table was hazardous terrain, where any roll of a 1 or a 20 caused an infection to the model rolling it. In addition, any unconscious wounded model received an infection--if this model is activated with a zombie order and fails the BTS save, then it is revived as a Phase 3 (Zombie) and takes a Zombie impetuous order. If the model passes the BTS save, then nothing happens. Scenario Setup and Options... These zombie rules work well for objective based missions. I played with three computer terminals that had to be accessed for one VP each. I also scattered 4 zombies on the board to start, using a circular template in the center of the board after the initial deployment and before the reserve deployment. I hope folks find this interesting and play around with it... You could modify any of the zombie stats or play around with how to spread infections. The Sedition Wars infection is a nano-virus that leads to weird bio-mechanical transformations... It could be fun to make REMs and TAGs susceptible to infection, maybe allowing some kind of BS-infect ranged attack.