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Dance Of Light And Shadows

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Please forgive me this indulgence, but this story is largely inspired from my last round at the Rumble on Route 66. I was inspired to put the experience into a story and, short though it is, it basically tells how one of my models now has a name.


              The skies over the canyon crackled with energy. Lightning ripped through the air and the thunder that followed seemed to echo forever, as the Shaolin team leader looked through the canyon, to the sky behind them, he could see the biotechnovore bloom that was coming toward them. Barely visible gasses that were changing the atmosphere and appeared to be causing the storms ahead of them. As it started to rain, the comms crackled to life in his ear.


“You will bring your Shaolin dogs to heal, Shaolin 1,” the Imperial Agent ordered.


               As his lieutenant, the Shaolin knew he should listen to him, but he knew the separatists were in the canyon ahead of them and his bones ached to get his hands on them and get in close enough to take the fight to them with his true skill. He’d trained for his entire life for this moment. Sifu told him this day would come, when he would lead a team and hunt the enemies of the Imperium. That day, was today. Complicated by storms that were caused by biotechnovore plague blooms that no intelligence officer seemed to have in any information, they’d lost the platoon they were attached to.


“Zhanying 3, this is Crane 1, I need eyes in the canyon. Tell me what the Weibing see,” the panic was beginning to set in to the lieutenant’s voice.


“I… not… ything…”The reply was cut off.


“Say again Zhanying 3! Say again!”


No response.


“All units move forward at all possible speed. Stay ahead of the biotechnovore bloom. JSA terrorists in this canyon are trying to escape Imperial justice.”


              With all of the acknowledgements ringing in his ear, Shaolin 1 turned off his comms and turned to his men, “We are the storm that men fear! We are the reason they quake! We will strike faster than the lightning in this canyon and we will be the wind that brings the fall of our enemies! Until we breathe our last, we will fight with fury!” A chorus of yells in agreement echoed through the canyon as far as the rain would allow, as the small Shaolin team surged forward through the canyon.


               The Shaolin’s comm equipment crackled to life, with an override from the Shaolin team’s commander, “All units this net, be advised, we are now danger close. Weapons hot.”


               A panicked cry came over the comms, “The YaoZao has malfunctioned! I can’t get past it! Someone shut it down! Please!,” The agonized scream that followed was cut off by the Lieutenant’s override.


“Alpha Wolf to Crane 1, spotted Keisotsu separatists headed your direction. 4, no, 5 in number. That’s all I see though. Climbing to get a better view”


“Copy that Alpha Wolf. Good work. Proceed to higher vantage point.”


               A cry of frustration left the lead Shaolin’s mouth as he bounded through the empty canyon. He railed at the thought of the Crane’s units seeing battle before his men ever got the chance to cut the enemy down. He kept running, his Shaolin team close behind him with their Chain Rifles, intent on getting to the separatists before the Lieutenant and his fire team.


               In an instant he and his team were stopped in their tracks, something flashed before them. Just after a particularly close lightning strike, an oniwaban dropped their Thermal-Optic camouflage as if they stepped out of the lightning. No, not just any oniwaban, he thought. Shaolin 1 recognized her immediately, it was Shinobu Kitsune. She flowed through the canyon like water down the mesa, mesmerizing Shaolin 1 with her dangerous grace. He had only heard how quick and deadly she was and now, with every step she took closer with her eyes trained on him, he could see the deadly intent in her very movements. As quickly as he could he dropped his Chain Rifle and drew his sword, instinctively engaging the blade to turn it on.


               As she neared, he saw her muscles tense and he leapt, through the air, over her. He relished the surprise in her eyes as he landed behind Shinobu. She spun quickly and was on him instantly pressing her obvious skill advantage. Shaolin 1 dodged left and right and then, as he saw an opening in her attack, he thrust his sword and then she was gone. He looked down at her, crumpled at his feet, then to his comrades. He took a step back and gave a respectful bow, with hand salute, to his skilled opponent.


                He turned back toward where he last knew the enemy to be and started to run again, with his team close behind. As he did, another oniwaban dropped his shadow armor in the rain, water glistening off his katana. The oniwaban gestured to Shaolin1. Shaolin 1 roared, and ran headlong into battle, as he did, he saw three more shadow warriors appear and challenge the remaining Shaolin, in turn, each of his team entered into combat with each.


                Shaolin 1 used all of his skill, everything Sifu ever taught him on those two fights, but as the oniwaban fell to his feet, he looked around and saw that his other team members were all standing as well. They saluted their fallen opponents, saluted each other and ran toward the rally point in hopes of more battle.


                They ran as fast as they could, skirting the edge of a secondary biotechnovore bloom that could be seen from the north. They reached the Lieutenant just as their Tiger Soldier finished the last of the keisotsu separatists that were left in the canyon.


                They gave a detailed report and went off with the surviving members of their team to finish the rest of their patrol. As they walked away, the lieutenant called after them, “You there, monk, what’s your name? I’ll need it for my report to my commanders.”


                The monk smiled as he turned around and said, “My name, agent, is Wong. Wong Fei Hung.”





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This is awesome. I'm sending it to my friend who's starting up vanilla Yu Jing. You might've just sold a shaolin box.


I just had a Fraacta drop in behind my Gao-Rael. He turned to face and shot her twice in the face with his pistol. Two crits. Some of these moments...


He proceeded to lose two face to face rolls against a Maakrep HMG on my active turn... in a row... from outside HMG range. He earned and lost a name in 5 minutes.


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