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Sci-Fi Scenery Elements

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While looking for good scatter terrain to spruce up my table without breaking the bank (or my fingers on scratch-builds) I happened upon the "Sci-Fi" bits from Plastcraft.  I picked up 2 sets each of the Small Crates and the Urban Elements packs.  I just finished assembly on the last of it today.

Overall I like them and the scale and look fits nicely with Infinity.  Assembly was mostly a breeze with the only real hiccup coming from an error on the Urban elements instructions.  I followed them on the first pack without double-checking and discovered they resulted in building 2 Left sides on the bus stop.  Still, easy fix with the second set (or just doing a dry-fit first that would have shown the problem).  The layout listing of parts was also a little off compared to the actual kit, so I wonder if I just accidentally got an out-dated instruction sheet.

The results are lightweight and work great for partial-cover scatter.  The crates can also be used for objectives in YAMS or ITS (if put on a base).  Of course the lightness comes with the usual issue of easy jostling on the table but it was fixed easily on the crates by gluing a bit of clean aquarium gravel inside and then putting a bit of my typical no-slip kitchen shelf liner on the bottom.  Even got the crates painted up fast and easy.


The urban elements kits came together with only a couple of small issues.  The joint on the top bar on the bus stops pops off constantly, so I added a little extra bit from the left-over scraps to make the joint a little more robust and haven't had an issue since.

The planters are getting gravel in the bottom for weight, then I'll be adding some shrubs and mall-sized trees with a bit of "mulch" to finish them off.  That will also give them plenty of heft to stay put on their own.  The bigger bits got put on bases with the liners on the bottoms to make them stay put.


Now, one of the fun parts for me with these PlastCraft kits is figuring out uses for the scrap parts.  In this case, a little extra work with the popped out bits from the bus stop and billboard resulted in picnic tables and barricades.


Overall, I think the kits are great buys and go perfect for adding a little extra pizazz to the table despite the minor flaws.


I'd love to see some more things along these lines, like full-sized billboards (maybe ones that hook onto the TME terrain), fire-escapes, street lamps maybe, some actual police or construction barricades, Food carts, etc.


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