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Campaign CharitySO

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Campaign: CharitySO




What is it?


Campaign: Charity Special Operations (CharitySO) is a community-created event that you can use to drive the momentum of your local community for a good cause. We created this document with the intent of it being a month-long combined effort of events, where groups or individuals pick their favorite charity and run an Infinity event to benefit that organization.


Are there a bunch of rules to follow?


No.  You don’t have to use any of these resources if you don’t want to.  You know your local players far better than we do, and we would prefer you create a fun and successful event that contributes to a charity your community feels strongly about, than follow a format mandated by people who live (possibly hundreds of) miles away from you.  Our goal is to provide helpful advice and an optional structure for you to use, rather than to create a concrete, inflexible bunch of rules for how this must be done.


The idea is to be inclusive, and nothing here is a mandate.  We ask only that whatever your event may be, and however you run it, the proceeds benefit your community (beyond just the community of gamers) in some way.  We’ve included an instructional section on how to organize the donation portions, custom scenarios, a bit of original artwork, and we’ll follow up with a list of Sponsors who have agreed to provide prize support to Campaign: CharitySO events.  (More on this later) 


What Charity should I choose?


Whatever you want! The idea behind this is to do good for others. For the example in this instructional we chose Toys For Tots, but this does not mean you have to choose this charity. Try looking locally, picking something that has helped you in your life, or ask your gaming community if they have any suggestions. One of the locals in our area chose to go with this charity because of a very personal appreciation of their work.
Find something you and your community are passionate about—the more agreement you have from the community on who to support, the more successful your event is going to be.


How Do We Reach You?
If you have questions, comments, would like to sign up to be a sponsor, or let us know you’re organizing an event so we can help you get information, you can reach us at:


[email protected]


Your contact information will not be shared with anyone you do not specify is okay.  (Ex: if you want to be a sponsor, we will share your info only with those who need sponsors.)  We promise to not sign you up for any advertisements, mailing lists, or surveillance by any vague, yet menacing government agency.



How Do I help?


…As an Event Organizer?


To support the Campaign all you need to do is run charity event in your local area.  Your area could be on the other side of the country from us, or a different country entirely.  We’re not picky!  We suggest you have:


1.    A charity you and your community care about.


2.    A plan on how to handle general donations, attendees’ donations, and an understanding of how the charity you are giving to accepts donations. 


3.    A venue to play in, and a date.


4.    Prize support.  (Optional.  It’s more about the Charity than the Swag, but we all know people do respond to having a little something to take home at the end of the day.)


-      Remember, that if you get prize support from a Sponsor, they may ask for specific information (What charity you’re supporting, how many expected attendees, and eventually a final amount of donations generated.)  Please be prepared to provide and track this information for them, if requested.  Sponsors donate because they’re awesome people, but they also have to run successful businesses so they can continue to be sponsors in years to come.


5.    Advertising!  Aside from social media, we will be including an image file suitable for display in store windows as a poster/flyer/whatever.  This will be released once our sponsors are finalized.


6.    Let us know how to contact you if you’d like to receive a copy of the flier, campaign materials, and a prospective sponsors list.


7.    Read the “Let’s Get Started” section below.


…As a Sponsor?


As a sponsor, we have a few requests for you, but don’t worry, we’ll try to make it as simple as possible.


1.    We ask that you agree to try to support a minimum of three events.  You choose which events to support, as well as the full terms of your support, and what (if anything) you wish to ask from the organizers in return for that.  You can support more than three events, of course.


2.    We don’t specify a minimum donation, but we do ask that you provide donations in good faith.  For example, if you are a local brick and mortar store that wishes to act as a sponsor, providing a gift certificate to an event occurring in another state (or country!) which would require the winner to travel to your store (i.e. you don’t have a web store) isn’t exactly in the spirit of the event.


3.    We ask that you try to extend donations to smaller events as well as the larger ones, if able.  We understand that, as a business, you want to place your donations in a way that will still offer a benefit to your company, and larger events are naturally of a greater benefit to you—more exposure for your products and services.  However, we would like to try to help grow some of the smaller communities when we can, both to make Campaign: CharitySO events more successful in the future, but also to help grow your potential customer base outside of the just the larger communities.  To help with this…


4.    We ask that you provide us with an electronic image of your logo before October 23rd. (Vector formats are preferred, but we’ll work with whatever we can.)  All our sponsors will be featured on the promotional image released later, meaning that in exchange for agreeing to sponsor at least three events, your company will be represented (at least in logo form) at ALL events, as well as any social media advertising we do.


5.    Provide us with a point of contact for Event Organizers to contact you, as well as any preliminary information you think they will need before contacting you.  Aside from a phone number, e-mail address, or other contact method, providing a time frame (both in a deadline to get sponsored as well as a good time of day to contact you) will help them reach you at times that will be convenient.  If you have specific requirements or needs from the organizers in order for you to be able to sponsor them, we can minimize unproductive calls by helping Organizers recognize that they may not be able to get you to sponsor them before they contact you.




Let’s Get Started


1.      Pick Your Charity


Find a local charity, or even of person in need that your event can help support. Local food banks, toy drives, homeless shelters are all good places to start.


For this example we will use Toys For Tots as the chosen charity.


2.  Make Contact With That Charity


It’s a good idea to get a better idea of how things run with your chosen charity.  They may have requirements for specific types of donations, handling of donations exceeding a certain amount, etc.  Be sure to know what these are before you begin collecting donations.


To start our journey we began on the Toys for Tots website. The page was helpful in putting us in contact with our local representative. While he had helpful idea he directed us to the website again where they had put up a helpful series of idea to get us started. He also gave us a list of drop points and informed us that we didn’t need to fill out any paperwork to make the donation. We might have found this information on our own but it would have undoubtedly taken longer without his help.


3.  Decide What Kind of Event to Run


As we said before, we encourage you to run the event that you and your community will enjoy the most. An official ITS event using the scenarios provided in the ITS Document is one way to go, but you can certainly run different formats. 


For our event we chose to create some custom scenarios and a few, minor “donations for benefits” categories. We will be releasing the final version of these scenarios and rules with the promotional image on Monday, October 26th, 2015.  A preliminary copy will be made available Monday, October 12th.


4.  Choose a Venue and Date


Remember to consider how much space you will need for the expected number of attendees, and select a date and time that is least likely to have conflicting attendance.  Be sure to state your idea and what you want to do--be clear that this is a charity event and therefore all proceeds for the actual event are being donated. If your event is big enough that you have to pay for a venue, (fantastic!) remember to ask your local retailers to promote the event—some may even wish to help sponsor the venue if they can’t fit it in their store.  


We contacted our local store owner, and told him our plan. He suggested we see him in person so that he could set aside more time. After our meeting we got a better idea of how to run things at his location. Luckily for us, the owner really loves when hobby groups do charity work so he was fully behind it. We set a date in November and moved on to the next step.  We contacted multiple game stores for our area and all were interested, but chose to describe only one example.


5.  Get the Community Involved


Start posting on your local meta social media page, maybe larger pages, with permission. Get in contact with a podcast, such as the Krug or Mayacast. Post up fliers in your local game store, you can use the artwork we provide as a basis. All of these are free to do require only a little time and get the community invested.  If you have a local WarCor, they may be willing to help—we’ve found ours to be a fantastic resource and a large help to the Community.


6.  Prepare and Organize


Find prizes, both from our sponsor list as well as local options.  Don’t be shy about advertising for those that donate to help!


We received several donations from local stores and businesses, and all we had to do was ask!  Remember, the worst that can happen is that they tell you “no.” (Then hire vicious, psychopathic mercenaries to eviscerate you and your loved ones over a series of torturous days--but that last part is pretty unlikely as long as you’re polite.)




Get others involved. You do not have to do this alone. Look for other locals, WarCors, and store owners, as they are great resources!
We realize that we keep repeating this, but it’s important. It took many people to get our events up and running and nothing about this event or even these packages is the result of a single person’s work.


Have everything ready for the day of the event before the day of the event.


Get a rough estimate of how many people are coming so you can get the big three (Tables, Terrain, Space) to the right people.  Make sure to have printed materials if needed, pass out copies of missions and rules (if needed) to players, even pre-deliver some materials to the venue if you can. 
The less work you have to do the day of the event, the more time you’ll have to enjoy what you have helped to create.




Good Luck,


Have Fun,


Do Good.


From all of us involved in creating this, we wish you luck, and hope that these instructional materials help your event become an effective and successful one.




Thank you for helping us help you help us all.


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