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Operation: PolCon 2016 Wroclaw, Poland 20-21.08.2016

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This year Wroclaw is European Capital of Culture and host city of one of the biggest polish fantasy and sci-fi conventions: PolCon. Whole event will be taking place from 19-22.08.2016 in Wroclaw in Centennial Hall complex. Of course Infinity will be present! On 20th and 21st of August we will have ITS tournament to which, I would like to invite YOU! There will be also bootcamps held to show this great game to community. Last year we held Polish Infinity Master Championships and had around 25 people attending, not only from Poland, but also Czech Republic and Germany.

Information about tournament:

date: 20-21.08.2016

place: Centennial Hall, Wystawowa Street 1, 51-618 WROCŁAW, POLAND
sign in: through ITS
admission fee: 35 PLN/9 EUR - in this you get place in tournament and access to all events held during those two days in main builiding (Hall), if you would like to participate in other activities during PolCon2016 look up their website:
There will be possibility of paying fee through PayPal (last year it worked great).

PayPal account: [email protected]
Main judge: Kristoff, aka. The Guy Who Won Interplanetary 2015!

Rules of tournament "Operation: PolCon 2016"

Sign-up is facilitated through ITS Tournament Manager
Here you can register in ITS Tournament Manager.
And here sign-up for Tournament


1. Organisation
a. sign-up at the day of tournament starts at 9:30,
b. Sign-up fee is 35PLN/9EUR, which needs to be paid up to 8.08.2016,
c. Sign-up fee lets you enter Centennial Hall on 20-21.08.2016 and participate in torunament,
d. We do not return sign-up fees,
e. Rules of tournament are above all documents those rules are referring to. 
f. We play 5 battles, 3 on first day, 2 on the second, all of them 3 turns or 120 minutes.
g. Point format is ITS Mid-tier, eg. 300 pts and 6 S.W.C.
h. You may have two rosters chosen from one army list (sectorial and vanilla are different army lists),
i. Mercenaries are allowed only when they are in specified army list (eg. Yuan-yuan in Qapu Khalki and Sforza in ISS)
h. Armies above points limit won't partake in tournament.
i. Armies abouve SWC limit won't partake in torunament.
j. We play with rules of N3 with all newest rulebooks and FAQs. You can find them here
k. Judge has last saying in all arguments about rules interpretation.
l. In small arguments (eg. checking LoF or cover) first ask your friendly neighbour players from table next to you and if you can not reach a conclusion, then call the Judge.
ł. Orgs may change this rules at any given moment (but probably won't).

2. Requirements:
a. Every player must have two printed rosters for their lists. Both private and public ones.
b. Every player must have:
i. inch measuring tape,
ii. at least one 20-sided dice, amount of dices corresponding with highest B value in army is suggested,
iii. full Classified Deck (40 cards, numbered).
c. Suggested additional equipment:
i. set of markers needed [mission markers included]
ii. templates
iii. silhouettes needed in their armies,
iv. HVT miniature
d. All miniatures must be glued together!
e. All bases must have LoS marked. If there is no LoS marked then LoS is a linie through shoulders of miniature. All arguments about LoS will be resolved at a disadvantage of player without LoS marked.
f. All miniatures should be based according to their Silhouette value. In case of unusual bases their use will be discussed with Judge.

3. Restrictions: 
a. All miniatures must be from Corvus Belli's Infinity line, they can be converted.
b. Proxing is allowed, but in reasonable amount (one miniature). Miniature which is proxing should have same Silhouette and unit type (LI, MI etc.) as unit being proxied.
c. Proxies must be from Corvus Belli's Infinity line.
d. All uncommon situations will be resolved by judge.
e. Unreleased profiles are not proxies.

4. Schedule:

Saturday (20.08.2016):
9:30-10:25: sign-up,
10:30: pairing announcement,
10:35-12:35: Battle 1. Supplies      
12:45-14:45: Battle 2. Firefight      
14:45-15:45: lunch break
15:50-17:50: Battle 3. Antennas field

Sunday (21.08.2016):
10:30-12:30: Battle 4. Comms Center
12:35-14:35: Battle 5. Supremacy
15:00: End of torunament, result announcement and prizes.

5. Points: 
a. Players are ranked up according to ITS 2016 with TP, OP and VP taken into account respectively.
b. TPs are awarded according to following rules:
"big" win, 5 or more difference in OPs = 3 TP
"small" win, 4 or less difference in OPs = 2 TP
tie = 1 TP
lose = 0 TP
c. BYEs are given 2 TPs
d. first BYE is given to random player
e. next BYEs are given to last player in ranking,

6. Additional Info
a. Remember about both types of Army Rosters! Only Judge can look into private Army Roster. Players caught "taking a look" at their opponent private roster will be warned. If player will be caught again he will be disqualified from tournament.
b. Remember about taking notes of which camo marker is what, where your Parachutist is coming from, which building is target of Sabotage etc. Other player can ask Judge to check it in your roster. If you don't have it written down (or photos weren't taken in case of TO etc.) situation will be resolved at your disadvantage.
c. Deployed Hidden Deployment miniatures should have photos taken or at least another player as a witness of their placement. Other way is sketching detailed plan of table part miniature will deploy in with additional notes about it (cover, prone etc.)
d. You can challenge another player in first battle of the torunament. If you opponent will agree you will be paired with each other.
e. There will be terrain rules used in this tournament. In case of high attendance we can use Boarding Action-type of tables.
f. Judge takes one copy of private lists during sign ups on first day, before announcing pairings.

Among our glorious sponsors are:

Corvus Belli


Wargamer (polish distributor of Infinity)

... there will be more, I'm working on it ;)

Best regards and I hope we will see each other on PolCon!


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Event posted in ITS system :)


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Great to hear from you! :)

I have added PayPal account in first post.


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Prizes from Customeeple just arrived!

Other stuff: I've added timetable and rules of tournament to the first post.


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We have prolonged time you have to pay sign-up fee to 12th of August!


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Sponsorship package from Corvus Belli sent us much of great stuff to give away on tournament! Hurrays and many thanks to Corvus Belli!

Why haven't you signed-up yet?


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