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Infinity Polish Team Championship 2016

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  • Infinity Polish Team Championship 2016

    I. General Information

    Location: Cube, Grochowe Łąki 5 (Poznań, Poland)
    Date: 10-11.09.2016
    Format: 300 points, 6 SWC without Spec-Ops, 2 roosters per Player
    3 people per team. Every faction can be used only once for team (So 1 PanOceania, 1 Neoterra etc)
    Judges: Marek Urban, Dredd
    Afterparty: If it wont rain - grill. If it will rain - billard!
    Painting contest: best painted miniature. Voted by players.
    Teams limit: 20 teams (60 players)

    II. Requirements:

    Every player must have:
    - Two copies of their army rosters. Open (with all information you can show to your opponent) and Private (with Lt., points costs, camouflaged and airborne troops etc.).
    - All of the needed templates and markers.
    - 20d dices (4-5 of them)
    - Measure
    - Models are expected to have their Front Arcs marked. Disputes will be resolved in the favour of the player having Front Arcs marked.
    - Each Player can have max 3 proxies. Modelcan be proxied only with model of same type (LI with LI, TAG with TAG etc). Units that don't have models released yet doesn't count to proxies limit.

    Communication between team’s players during the round
    Mambers of the team can communicate only the status of the game to each other during the round. Tactical suggestions or telling what to do to the other member of the team is forbidden and will be punished with negative points in the scenario. Gentleman always play fair!

    III. Timetable:

    9:30-10:00 Signing in
    10:00-12:45 Round One (Firefight)
    13:00-15:15 Round Two (Comms Center)
    15:15-15:45 Lunch Brake
    16:00-18:15 Round Three (Supremacy)
    19:00 Afterparty

    10:00-12:15 Round Four (Frontline)
    12:30-14:15 Round Five (Highly Classified)
    14:30 Awards Ceremony

    IV. Pairings:

    1. Both team share information about Army Lists.
    2. Both sides write down first put forward in secret. Then both sides reveal them at the same moment.
    3. Both sides write down who they put against oponnents put forward in secret. Then both sides reaveal them at the same moment.
    4. Roll of which put forward chooses table first.
    5. Two players left play against each other.

    V. Scoring:

    1. Each Player can get up to 10 points in each scenario according to ITS. According to this the team can get 30 points per round.
    2. Team can get maximum 20 points and minimum 10 points in Main Classification.
    3. Pointing criteria are: Main Classification/ITS points for scenarios/Victory Points

    VI. Terrains and tables:

    Each set of three tables will contain:
    - 'Spanish table’ with long Lines of Fire
    - 'USA table’ with lots of terrains
    - ‘Boarding Action table’ with imitation of the inside of the building/spaceship

    All additional rules for the table will be printed and attached to the table.
    Before game starts players should clarify all the rules acquired terrain pieces.

    VII. Sign-in

    Participation in tournament is confirmed by payment of tournament fee in all (90 pln/22,50 eu plus all additional declared costs).
    Account number:

    50 1020 5558 1111 1613 8200 0083


    ITS Link:


    The tournament will be send to official ITS.

    IX. List of Teams:
    [/b]1. Dwór Xięcia V W
    2. Per Rectum W
    3. Kondominium Zakonno- Symbiontowe pod zarządem powierniczym Sekcji Szturmowej-
    4. Szybki Szpil
    5. Sisiory Zagłady
    6. Knade, Hazet, Ratman
    7. Ranger, Ghost, Krzysiek
    8. BWT Klika
    9. Bdg Outpost 
    10. PyroManiacs

    XII. Sponsors
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