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I'm just starting with the infinity game. I just got myself an Operation: Red Veil Battle Pack.

There is a paragraph on the Tutorial page (Page: 39 in the English Part) about a diagram of all miniatures of the battle pack. But I cannot find it on the website. Is it still available?

Text from the Book in Spoiler:


In the Downloads section of our web infinitythegame.com you will find the complete diagram of all the miniatures from this Battle Pack.

Thanks in advance


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I think that paragraph is referring to the "N3 Unit Profiles", which lists all of the available weapon load outs the particular models can have. Red Veil is a starter pack and the unit profiles listed in the book are very basic, the full profiles have many more options. You can access all of the full profiles from the Infinity Army Builder here as well: Infinity Army


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Here's the Infinity Army codes for the Red Veil box contents plus Defiant Truth;


I don't know if this is compliant, but it should get you going pretty quick;

Haqqislam code

Yu Jung Code


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