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5 hours ago, Errhile said:

I guess you underestimate the usefulness - and ubiquitousness - of an abacus. 

Easy to make, even with extremely limited resources (simplest form - make grooves in the dirt, place small stones in them). Requires no electrical power to operate. And allows you to perform a number of mathematical operations with significant speed, given a little practice... I'm pretty sure on Ariadna, these have seen a renaissance in their time!

Slide rules, too!

Navy has some for torpedo shots, and pilots still have them for estimating arrival times.


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Hey! I have a slide rule.

One has to conceive of the idea first, the idea of an abacus, before one can make one, even a crude one. The abacus is not really 'intuitive' to use, either.  One needs a smidge of education. At least I did, in elementary school, where I learned to use one, back in the pre-hand-held calculator days of the Jimmy Carter era.

Ariadnans spend all their time re-learning how to walk erect, and to gather nuts and berrys.  They have not the time to learn things like how to make an abacus, or even how to make fire.  Antipodes are not the only Dawn denizens who eat raw meat. :D

Back on topic-- you guys remember the topic, ja?--  I see our intrepid Yashia has learned to raid the recycling bin ;) Sehr gut.  Spitfire progress looks good.  

Yashia, Next photo series, place a measuring stick next to the spitfire,  so we can get an idea of the size. Bitte?


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Sorry Red Harvest, I read your request too late. But I can simply tell you how long the rifle is!
It's 78,5 cm (~ 30.91 inch) long.

And yes, being a cosplayer equals being a messy! Can't through away trash before at least three times thinking "I can't use this for a project one day, can I?!". But I'm pretty sure you know that feel ;)

Have part 3 of 7 of the rifle here:


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