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I just received a set of the new PanOceania decals, and I'm having mixed feelings. On two of my four sheets, the white layer is misaligned with the blue - there is a white edge along the right side, and the blue on the left is transparent. I realize PanO is probably the hardest for quality control, as the decals are blue on a blue background. The sheets I have for the other factions all look good, so I assume the QC people just overlooked these misprints.

I'm also wondering if this is a "wave one" product, because the first models I lined up to decal were my Fusiliers and Nisses; of course there aren't any unit badges for either of those. Will you be producing a wave two with light and medium infantry badges?

Other than those concerns, the decals seem high quality: thin film, and sharp images even on the smallest badges. I'll definitely buy again if the selection increases, though I might purchase the PanO decals from a store rather than ordering online.


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