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After our Forward Base Kickstarter, we've been working on improvements to the range to the last 9 months, resulting in what we think are significant improvements whilst retaining as much backwards compatibility as possible. These first four Habitats represent the 'accommodation' style Habitats.


After listening from feedback from Kickstarter backers, we have made many changes to the Habitats such as hinged doors:


Under-Hab skirting to aid playability in Infinity, (due to LOF):

Increased modularity, some Habs can now stack perfectly on top of others:


A unified internal colour scheme:


The Habitats now are 'Double Pristine' (pristine paper on both sides to prevent burn marks), and feature 'wipe-down' style paint, allowing you to easily clean up any remaining marks with a baby wipe:


Increased connectivity is now a feature in these Habs. The doors in Habs 1, 2 and 4 have been carefully adjusted so that they line up when the Habs are positioned end to end. Accessory packs of corridors have now been created so that the Habs can be connected with corridors between them.

IMG_3707 Hab 4 and Hab 1 'end-to-end'

CorLong7-300x225.jpg A long corridor connecting Habs 2 and 3

The windows and doors are now all reverse-etched clear acrylic, simulating realistic looking windows and doors.


The Forward Base line makes a start towards building a great and eye-catching board to play Infinity on; the MDF is all pre-painted in wipe-down high-quality paint and the resin is pre-coloured a solid dark-grey colour but, ideally, should be painted (as shown in images)

Add some scatter terrain, vehicles or vegetation, and suddenly you have not only a perfectly playable table but one your friends will be jealous of.

IMG_3691-300x200.jpg IMG_3693-300x200.jpg IMG_3701-300x200.jpg IMG_3723-300x156.jpg IMG_3712-300x200.jpg IMG_3713-300x200.jpg

Internal elements are currently being re-designed, and we aim to bring you two different ways of adding interior detail. One, an adaptation of our resin that was featured in the Kickstarts. And the other, a graphical flat panel representation. We will be moving on to the other style of Habitats (non-accommodation later in the year).

Forward Base Habitats and their accessories are now on pre-order until July 24th, with a 15% discount, for a limited time only. Visit our website now.


Forward Base Bundles with FreePost:

Outpost 1:
£202.00 inc VAT - £168.34p ex VAT
FREE SHIPPING to: UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, USA, Canada
Infinity Scenery Forward Base MDF Terrain


Station 14:
£318.00 inc VAT - £265.00p ex VAT
FREE SHIPPING to: UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Infinity Scenery Forward Base MDF Terrain

Please Note:
In some cases, it can be cheaper to make 2 orders that both result in Free-Post, rather than 1 big order that does not. "Freepost Bundles" carry their own special "Free Post" and adding other items to an order with them in it may disqualify you for Freepost.  It is therefore often best to order the Freepost Bundles separately.

N.B. We offer free shipping to many countries in the world (including North America and Europe), and low shipping road rates to many countries in Europe. To see these offers appear on your order, you need to get to the 'Select Shipping' part of the checkout process.


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I mentioned on the other thread AW but really impressed with these and that's coming from someone that bought everything from the kickstarter.

the only thing I prefer from the kickstarter is the raised look of the original floors. Prefer those to the new ones but I know why you have made the change.

seriosuly have to consider what I do as have more terrain than I could imagine but seriously want these!

are you likely to do discounted bundles with the internal resin or ar we likely better off buying now with the 15% discount and adding the resin when it is released?

keep up the great work.


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Interiors are coming down the line somewhat - but if you've already purchased the new Habitats there will an additional discount above any other discounts that are on them - so might as well buy now.


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You are killing me. 

Its amazing the things you try and justify to yourself and I'm now almost ready to press the button on one of the big pledges. Just need to plan a few bits. I'm sure this terrain will work for games other than infinity lol.

where is the 4x4 gaming mat in the pics from? Looks great with the Han blocks on it.

now planning my purchase.


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