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Infinity Team Championship of Poland 2017

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Date: 21-22 October 2017

Venue: Cultural Center, ul. Bydgoska 7, 87-140 Chełmża

Format: 300 pts, 6 SWC, without Spec-Ops; Team tournament, three members per team

Entry: 40 PLN per person (prepayment until 9 October, 50 PLN later)

Accommodation: in the city itself Hotel Imperium and Tumska Przystań (we will try to negotiate good prices for you) as well as apartments for rent; A lot of hotels in Torun and surroundings (a good option for people arriving by car). If there are willing people, we will try to organize accommodation in the cultural center (for a nominal fee to cover the cost of renting and transportation of the beds)


Saturday, October 21st
9.30 - 10.30 - arrival and setting tables
11.00 - 13.30 - Round I
13.30 - 14.45 - lunch break
14.45 - 16.15 - Round II
16.30 - 19.00 - Round III

Sunday, October 22nd
10.00 - 12.30 - Round IV
12.45 - 15.15 - Round V
15.30 - 16.30 - Reward and closing ceremony

Scenarios (preliminary choice, final list after the publication of the new ITS): Frontline, Antennae Field, Comms Center, Supplies, Cold Sleep

Painting Contest: As in the previous year we plan to organize a contest for the best painted army taking part in the tournament; Detailed rules of the competition soon


Expect more soon!

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Chelmza delivers year after year, I'll be there and hope to see some familiar faces, too :)


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Just a quick update - we already have 27 registered participants in 9 teams:


1. Gorol i Ślunskie Cygony: Nazroth, Narrator, Masło
2. Piggers: Cutter, Łukasz M., Ysgarran
3. Dwór Xięcia V. : Alkasyn, Venator, Vertor
4. Armia Pomorze - Drużyna A: Ghost, Narrander, KędzioR
5. Armia Pomorze - Suicide Squad: Ranger, EdelUr, Hansolo
6. BWT Klika: Pająk, Kreol, Suchy
7. NwTU: Piotrek Piotrowicz, imrikko, uzumakin
8. RBN: Zippy, Mysza, Freezy
9. Chełmżyńskie Żbiki: Jeronimo, Ratkes, Eciq


We have also received very generous support from some of our sponsors (listed in the first post). Expect more updates soon and don't forget to follow us on Facebook!


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