Full Auto or Fatality: Just what TAGs need?

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I think that the biggest problem is that crits hurt exponentially more As the cost paid It increases. Do I care about my 34 point nisse getting crit to death as much as my 103 point jotum? Not really, the difference is losing a tenth of an army compared to a third. What I think would really help tags and the game in general is if crits didn't just auto win the face to face roll. It would be healthier for it to still auto wound but not just cancel an opponents face to face rolls. if they rolled higher despite your crits, essentially you would wound each other.  Do I ever see something like this happening soon? Not really. But those games where your opponent gets lucky and crits over half your army to death, can really make you question the value of spending so much for high armor. Tl;dr I get crit a lot....


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