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Hi all!

My name is Luke and I am from Holland. I have a problem... 

I play Infinity now with my best friend, but I want to play to more people so I can improve my skills and learn more about the game. But the nearest store who sells Infinity is 2 hours driving. 

Do you guys maybe have any tips to make a bigger community around where I live. Miniature games are not so famous in my city but do you guys know some kind of ways to let people (even strangers) play Infinity so I can make a cool and nice community and play some ITS missions?

Please let me know some tips...!


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A bit of context, I started playing with 2 of my friends at a local hobby shop. I now run a group of approximately 100 local players, with say 20-30 active in a given quarter of the year and hold monthly tournaments that typically run out of space. But this has taken years, you won't suddenly have a giant group over night I'm afraid. 

The biggest thing is consistency. Find a place to play on a regular basis whether its once a month or once a week. Ideally this would be at a local hobby shop. If the shop doesn't sell Infinity its best to talk to them politely first. If you dont have a local hobby shop, check out Churchs, Community Centers or Coffee shops for a board game night and see if you can co-opt some space then. You can also advertise online to see if there are any other people in your area that are playing at home.

Make sure you have 2 simple learning armies that are painted, they don't have to be complex just 3 line troops a side will be fine. These are handy for when people walk by and are interested in what you're doing. You can offer a friendly learning game with these ready to go models.

Practice an elevator pitch, you should be able to distill some of the themes or ideas behind infinity in about 30 seconds. You may need 2-3 of these for different audiences. for example, for those unfamiliar with gaming I say something like "Its a Sci-Fi game, with an anime influence. Both players use Special Forces teams to try and accomplish objectives. Think a bit like Chess meets Risk."  Or if they're more familiar I might compare the game to Necromunda or X-Com. 



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I knew that a group of people that frequented a LGS had Infinity miniatures and the Store had Scenery that the group had donated for playing there.  Unfortunately no one played.  So I went with a friend and started playing there every Tuesday.  Like @TheRedZealot said, consistency is key.  We played enough times to rekindle the interst of four of the players that had minis; then we organized a League and had 10 participants (2 of which dropped out so we ended up with 8).

Then we got lucky and Operation: Flamestrike took place.

I just bought a Bakunin Sectorial out of which, the Moderators are my top priority.  That way I'll have Ghulams and Moderators to run Demos.

Schedule Demos and advertise them on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter if you have an account, and such). Even if no one shows up, at least set the table and place an "Infinity Demo" sign and display both set of miniatutes for the potential players to try playing.

I strongly suggest the Operations: Icestorm / Red Veil missions as tutorial for new players.  They are wonderful for that.

If you have a friend to play with, just do several 150pt games if no one's there to try the demos.  That way you're demoing the game in short games that will allow interested people to see the dynamics of the game.

I hope this helps and good luck on your venture


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