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Hey guys, 

I’m just taking a break from working on my police station from the KS (finally arrived about 2 weeks ago. I'm glad I didn’t start with it as the first building to assemble as it looks like a mammoth project. I actually did Whiskey Jacks first and already during the cleaning/ paper removal part I was getting annoyed by how LONG all of this took. But when I finally got it done and on the table - wow I must say it looks amazing! It’s bigger than I thought, too, all of the buildings are. And everything fits perfectly, it must have taken ages to design all of it. And now the police station, all the detail (just unwrapped the landing deck).

Anyway, before I continue rambling on and on I just wanted to say thanks for bringing all this cool stuff to our gaming tables and making Infinity even more fun! Great job, seriously!

Best wishes,



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